DIY Photo Booth Props You Can Print at Home

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Wedding photo booths are always a huge favorite among guests, but what fun is a photo booth without some cute props? If you want to give your friends and family a chance to capture their fun and carefree moments before and after the ceremony, you’ll need to find creative props that you can add to enhance the experience. Buying tacky props online or from your local costume shop can add up and become an extra unnecessary expense. However, you can take the more inexpensive route by purchasing a few essential items, downloading any of these free templates and making your own personalized props!

How-to DIY

Creating DIY photo booth props are much easier than you may think and only take a few steps to achieve that perfect final product. Firstly, you’ll need to decide how many props you’re going to have available at your photo booth. Then you’re going to purchase heavy stock paper and wooden dowels for each prop. Be sure to purchase a few extras in case you make a mistake.

After printing your props on the heavy stock paper, you’ll need to determine where on the photo you’ll want to place your dowel for your guests to hold and use them most effectively. All that’s left to do is place a thin line or small beads of hot glue onto the back of the photo and place the dowel over top. Place your props somewhere safe to dry and voila!
Now that you know how simple and easy it is to create the perfect photo booth props, here are some free printable photo booth props you can make at home.

Summer party accessories

Summertime is the peak season for weddings for a reason. The weather is perfect and there are plenty of fun summertime themes that can easily be incorporated into your wedding photo booth. If you’re looking to capture the spirit of the summer season then check out these fun photo booth props consisting of sunglasses, frozen drinks, sun hats, popsicles, and more.

Woodland animal masks

If you’re opting for a whimsical wedding or hosting your "I dos" in the woods, then why not keep to the nature theme by adding these animal masks to your wedding photo booth. These adorable, eclectic masks of foxes, deer, and owls will be a perfect fit for your wedding aesthetic and would make for a fun photo op for adults and kids alike!

Super Mario items

If you and/or your partner are gamers at heart, then there is no better photo booth prop for you than those nostalgic Super Mario items we all know and love. Whether your guests want to look like Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach, there will certainly be a prop for everyone with these fun hats and mustaches. The snap shots will be totally cute and hysterical.

Vintage props

If you’re going for a vintage aesthetic with your wedding theme then why not have your photo accessories fit in with the rest of your décor? These fun vintage inspired props are sure to be a hit with your guests by adding a touch of creative flair to everyone’s photos.

Carnival pieces

For the couples who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, these bold and playful carnival photo props are the perfect fit for you. These colorful and charming props will definitely have your friends and family lining up for some Instagram-worthy pics!

Art deco flair

Whether your wedding theme is strictly "The Great Gatsby" inspired or just has an art deco vibe, these black and gold props will fit right in. With a wide array of options, you and your guests can get creative while bringing the 1920’s back in style.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an emoji is worth a million! Guests of all ages will loves these classic emoji props that can be used to create funny and memorable photos that will last a lifetime! To offer more variety than covering your guests’ faces, you can create props that are either the upper or lower half of the emoji leaving your guests to fill in the rest with their own facial expressions. 

Speech bubbles

If you’re looking for simple props that will never go out of style then these speech bubble props are right up your alley. These adorable speech bubble messages paired with a team groom and team bride finger props will make for the best pictures as both sides of the family come together for their photo ops.
Leveling up your wedding photo booth doesn’t have to be an additional expense or headache. Instead, it can become a fun craft you and your wedding party can do together (with some drinks and snacks, of course) to save some extra coin. No matter what your wedding theme is, any of these props will be a great addition to your wedding photo booth experience!
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