9 DIY Gifts Any Couple Will Love

Looking for a thoughtful, handmade gift to give your pal as a wedding or shower present? DIY gifts are a great way to give the couple something meaningful at a fraction of the cost of a traditional registry item. Try your hand at one of these nine DIY gifts before your friend's big day! 1. His and hers mugs. Decorate mugs for the couple and package with some delicious coffee beans.

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2. A personalized pillow. Buy a pre-made pillow or sew one yourself, then adorn with paint.
3. Handmade house decorations with the couple's shared initial. It's super cute and rustic.
4. A welcome home basket. Fill with candles, wine, cleaning supplies, and a hand towel.
5. A decorated door mat. These mats can be crisp and minimal or playful and bright.
6. A hand-painted sign with the couple's vows and wedding date written on it. So sweet!
7. Custom plates that the pair can pull out on special occasions. It's so fab for the first dinner party.
8. A boho burlap wreath, made with love. We think this is great for your favorite carefree and laid-back duo.
9. Framed song lyrics of the couple's first dance song. A gift just as sentimental as it is beautiful.
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