6 Tricks for Making Your Own DIY Chalkboard Sign

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A chalkboard-style sign can add a hint of whimsy and charm to any big day. But creating a wedding-ready chalkboard sign that doesn’t look like it came out of an elementary school classroom is easier said than done. Turns out there are more polished ways to create a sign than simply scrawling with a stick of chalk. We found some of the best tips from DIY bloggers so you can get in on this ever-present trend.

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1. You don’t need to start with a chalkboard.  Beautifully framed chalkboards aren’t always easy to find, so you may have to make your own. Start by buying a dry erase board — they’re much easier to find and come in a variety of sizes. You can paint the frame to match your decor, but it’s painting the whiteboard itself that’s most important. As Allison at Peachfully Chic demonstrates, you can spread chalkboard paint over the whiteboard. Whiteboards aren’t the only base option. You could also use old mirrors, frames, window panes – the options are nearly endless as long as you have a good jar of chalkboard paint. 2. Just use black paper.  For smaller chalkboards — those that are less than 8.5” x 11” — you can let your computer do most of the work. Design your chalkboard in Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, or any other design software. Then, print it in black ink on black cardstock. The font will be barely visible, but if you trace over it with a white paint pen, nobody will be able to tell that it’s not really chalk. 3. Use transfer paper for perfect writing.  You can’t print a beautiful font onto a chalkboard — but you can use transfer or contact paper to get as close as possible. All it takes is printing off your word or phrase onto regular printer paper and tracing over it onto transfer paper. Then you can use the tracing as a guideline for writing in the finished product, as you can see on Buzzfeed. 4. Try out multiple kinds of chalk.  There are so many easy, inexpensive ways to make your writing look loads better than what your teacher wrote on the board. Chalkboard markers (like Chalk Ink) are easier to work with and look much, much better. Some people prefer regular old school or sidewalk chalk. If you go with this route, be sure to sharpen the sticks with a regular old pencil sharpener for a clean pointed edge. Plus, you can make chalk write smoother by dipping it in water, as Diane at In My Own Style suggests. After it dries, it will look crisp and clean. 5. Be smart about fixing mistakes.  Don’t use a standard eraser if you make a mistake — it’ll leave tons of unwanted chalk dust all over your board. For small mess-ups, dip a cotton swab in water and dab it away. A wet cloth rag (not a paper towel) is ideal for bigger mistakes. 6. Seal in your design.  You’ll likely create signs well before the wedding day. Don’t run the risk of smudges! You can seal in your artwork with a spray fixative (like this one). In a pinch, you can use a bit of hairspray to protect the design. --By Kristin Doherty Want more shabby chic? 13 Must-Have Details for Your Rustic Wedding That Don't Involve Burlap 11 Wedding DIYs That Are the Definition of Shabby Chic The Only Big Day Beauty Tips Boho Brides Will Need Got a tough wedding question? Download the Loverly app to chat FREE with one of our virtual wedding planners and choose from affordable planning packages.
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