5 Ways to Destress in 5 Minutes or Less

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Sometimes when you’ve got a lot on your plate, it seems that finding a way to unwind adds even more pressure to your already stressed out psyche. I mean, how is it possible to meditate when you’ve got tons of unread emails in your inbox, ten of which are marked urgent from your wedding planner? That’s why I put together a list of five minute de-stressing methods that will instantly recharge the weary nearlywed, including aromatherapy and putting together a proper to-do list!

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1. Take a time out and focus on deep breathing. As simple as it sounds, this is one thing most of us forget to do when our blood pressure rises. But with just a few slow inhales and exhales, you’ll actually increase the blood flow to your muscles, reduce stress hormones, and improve your ability to concentrate and problem solve. See? Suddenly your catering crisis isn’t as terrible as you thought. 2. Make a to-do list to focus on your priorities. Often when I’m stressed, it’s because I have a million things on my mind and I can’t prioritize what needs to come first. I’m sure this is a familiar feeling to brides and grooms who are deep in the throes of planning. One way that I organize myself is with a to-do list, and usually I have several lits for different areas of my life (personal, house things, work, etc). There are many different ways to make a “proper” to-do list—limiting the number of items to just three per day, tackling it first thing in the morning, and accomplishing tasks that take less than a minute right away. But, I think the most effective aspect of making a list is that it forces you to focus on finishing just those few things you have written down. The rest of the things on your mind that you “have” to do must wait, including checking email, refreshing social media apps, and any other distracting tasks. Once, you’ve finished your list, you’ll find that the rest of the items you need to take care of don’t seem so daunting. 3. Unwind and use essential oils on your pulse points. Aromatherapy may seem like the silly sort of thing that only Phoebe Buffay would be into, but the truth is that smell is arguably the most powerful sense we have and can help you relax in tense situations. By just placing a bit of essential oils, such as lavender (for calming purposes), eucalyptus (which promotes wellness), or peppermint (a natural energizer). Just add a few drops on your wrists, temples, or other pulse points, you’ll end up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your wedding woes with ease. 4. Hop in the shower, use a face mask, or a hair treament. There’s an episode of "30 Rock" I love in which Alec Baldwin’s character Jack Donaghey explains to Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon something he calls The Shower Principle: “moments of inspiration that occur when the brain is distracted from the problem at hand–for example, when you’re showering.” Which, I’m sure was quickly followed by an over-the-top eye roll from Liz, but he’s actually got a good point. If you find yourself burdened by a problem you can’t seem to solve, jump into the shower for five minutes just to distract your brain from whatever situation is troubling you. Like Jack Donaghey, you may find your problem’s answer while washing your locks. 5. Do something else or try something new. When you’re trying to address your save-the-dates, pick a honeymoon destination, AND write your vows, it can seem like your big day is more of a time suck than it is “the happiest time of your life." So when you’re at your max stress level, just forget it all! Take a break for a bit, whether it means going for a quick walk with your partner, calling one of your besties that you haven’t chatted with in a while, or flipping through a magazine (we won't tell if it's Us Weekly or a gossip blog!). When you reclaim your pre-wedding life, you’ll return to planning with a refreshed attitude and a renewed desire to iron out all of the "I do" details. Because above all, you should remember that planning is supposed to be FUN! Want a chance to be featured on Loverly? Join our premier vendor network. Get more tips now: How to Beat Wedding Stress While Getting Fit The Millennial’s Guide to Reducing Stress in Your Relationship This Year How to De-Stress—And Sleep!—the Night Before Your Wedding
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