5 Reasons Couples Should Seriously Consider Pre-Marital Counseling

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You're about to get married and commit to the most important romantic relationship in your life. Why not take the time and make the investment to set your marriage up for relational success? The research shows that it only takes eight hours of pre-marital counseling to give all couples a 30% higher marital success rate then those that have not. 5 Reasons Couples Should Seriously Consider Pre-Marital Counseling Photo by Sharon McCutcheon If that's not reason enough, here are five more things that'll make you seriously consider pre-marital counseling: 1. We all come into a marriage with different relationship patterns. In therapy you and your partner will learn each other’s attachment styles, and this invaluable information will help you understand how both of your brains are wired for love and intimate partnerships. 2. Good communication is the cornerstone of every successful relationship. With couples counseling, both partners will gain skills that can create healthy functional communication. Knowing and utilizing healthy communication tools will strengthen your connection. 3. Feeling safe with your partner is key. Through learning how to create a rich bank account of positive connections, you will build a couple-bubble so that each partner feels secure in the partnership. 4. All couples have perpetual problems that they must learn to manage and live with. The couple will master gentle conflict management skills. And when fights do happen, you will know how to de-escalate quarrels and how to repair the conflict. 5. A culture of appreciation and shared meaning is the foundation of marriage. You both will be taught ways to strengthen friendship and intimacy by understanding each other’s core values and beliefs. This is done through comprehending the value of respecting each other’s inner world of thoughts and feelings.   Need relationship advice? We've got it: 5 Things You Should Never Compromise On In a Relationship 6 Tough Experiences That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger  
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