9 Clever Ways to Announce Your Engagement

The way your registry should be— easy, fun, and flexible!
When it comes to weddings, couples are getting more and more creative. From elaborate proposals to bachelorette party videos, nearlyweds are pulling out all the stops, so why not take your engagement announcement to the next level, too? Here are 9 creative ways to let the world know you're officially making it official.

Stage and snap a fun photo.

A picture is worth a thousand words...especially when you're showing off your new bling.

Give your pet a starring role. 

You probably love your pet as much as (maybe even more than?) each other, so let them be a part of the announcement!

Make a motion picture.

Go beyond the plain old photo and make a movie!

Say it with Starbucks.

Put your love of PSLs to work.

Spell it out.

Embrace your love of game night with an announcement that's adorable and to the point. Ah, love.

Create a stop motion picture.

This one's for the crafty couple.

Put it in writing.

All you need is an empty street and a little chalk to make a big statement.

Sing your heart out.

Take a popular tune and put your special spin on it.

Strike a pose. 

You've got the ring, now get a shirt made up to announce your good news! #feyonce
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