These Choreographed Wedding Dances That Make Us Smile

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If viral videos are any indication, the dancing at weddings today could give Broadway a run for its money. While we’re fans of all types — medleys, dance-offs, flash mobs — our faves all have one thing in common: they really show off the bride and grooms' personalities.

Considering an impromptu “surprise” performance at your own wedding? The following are a good place to start for inspiration. Just remember, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right

1A High-Flying Act Down the Aisle

Who says you have to keep your feet on the ground? The groom’s antics are even cuter considering he — and his fellow parkour groomsmen — wrap up their acrobatic feats before the bride ever makes an appearance... though we think it’s safe to assume she was in on the secret.

2Post-Ceremony Dance Party

Clocking in at over nine minutes, this bride and groom devised a seriously epic exit strategy. The ceremony ends innocently enough, until the minister calls them back for a rockin’ dance medley no guest will ever forget.

3First Dance Interrupted

With more than 14 million hits, the Brubakers' first dance has been a YouTube fave for nearly a decade. Three words describe why: “Baby Got Back!”

4Rock the Reception With a Dance-off

Chelsea and Daniel barely make it through their first dance when they're "rudely" interrupted by the wedding party. What ensues is a dance off that really does rock the reception.

5Father Daughter Dance Medley

Texans Ashley Richmond and David Sparks old-school-meets-new-school performance charmed the crowd. After the video went viral, the dancing duo took their act all the way to Times Square, where they performed it live on Good Morning America.

6Mother Daughter Wedding Dance

This mother and daughter pair start out on a sentimental note, but it's not long before they’re prancing around Gangnam Style... and we’re loving every minute of it.

7Bride and Brother's Tribute Dance to Dad

Just when you think you might be reaching for the tissues, Jaclyn and her brother Eric honor their late father with a surprise dance that truly celebrates his memory.

8Seven Brothers' Epic Dance For Their Sister

The brothers start with a symbolic performance of the The Lion King’s “King of Africa” before donning sunglasses for “Men in Black,” performing the Electric Slide, and finishing with a rousing dance routine to One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.”

9Training the Next Generation

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload. Little Judah shows he’s a dancin’ machine who can certainly hold his own with the big guys.

10A Very Literal Interpretive Dance to "Baby"

It's hard to say what’s more endearing in this video — the infectious spirit of the groom, or the bride who can’t stop laughing.

11Groom and Groomsmen Dance

It’s so much fun watching Stephen Murray and his groomsmen dance their way through Bruno Mars’ “Marry You,” it's hard to imagine them ever using another song.

12All About Beyoncé

A bride can never go wrong channeling Beyoncé at her wedding.

13Bride Freaks Out During Kelly Clarkson Flash Mob Wedding Surprise

What do you do when the bride really, really likes Kelly Clarkson? These bridesmaids have the answer, and the choreographed performance builds to eventually involve everyone in the fun. The bride's reaction will make your day

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