6 Super Smart Budget Hacks to Help You Save Big on Wedding Party Gifts

Has the need to buy wedding party gifts thrown your big day budget completely out of whack? You’re not the only one who didn’t think to factor presents for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and immediate family into the final bill... But, not to worry! There are plenty of ways to give a meaningful gift without breaking the bank.

1Shop sales

Keep an eye out for sales! Check the calendar for upcoming holidays, when stores often offer big blowouts. And if you just can’t wait, search for clippable coupons, or promotional codes you can use online.

2Don’t pay for personalization

Sure, adding each person’s name or monogram to their gift is a nice touch, but that individualization really adds up. Consider skipping this pricey detail, or add it yourself, if possible! You can also attach a small tag to each present with the person’s initials.

3Pick a gift that works for your wedding

Let your gifts do double duty! Get your ‘maids and men something to match their day-of attire, like necklaces and pocket squares. Or, buy everyone a special champagne glass to use at your reception. (Just make sure whatever you get is something they’ll actually use after the wedding, too.)

4Do a DIY

If you’re the crafty type, make a little something special for everyone on your list. Your friends will appreciate the time and energy you spent making the gift (especially if they know how busy wedding planning keeps you!). Just be sure to calculate the cost first, because some projects get pricey.

5Buy in bulk

If you’re buying a bunch of the same gift, you might be able to swing a discount! Purchase from a wholesaler if possible, or break out your bargaining skills and you’re likely to luck out.

6Keep it small and simple

Remember, it’s the thought — not the price tag — that counts. So, don’t put the pressure on, thinking everyone’s expecting an elaborate gift. Your friends and fam will absolutely appreciate any token of thanks, especially when paired with heartfelt note. Find more ideas on Loverly: 5 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Actually Like (And Use!) 6 Easy DIY Jewelry Gifts to Make for Your Bridesmaids Everything You Need to Know to Thank Your Wedding Crew in Style