6 Ways to Re-Wear Your Wedding Dress for This Year's Halloween Costume

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Who says you'll never wear your wedding dress again? If you're still scrambling for a Halloween costume, here are six ideas that'll give you the best excuse to break out that gown just one more time...

1. The Runaway Bride

From the movie Runaway Bride, of course! Throw on a pair of running shoes with your dress and you've got an instant Halloween hit!

2. The Princess Bride

Grab your beau and dress up as Buttercup and Westley from the movie, The Princess Bride.

3. Glenda the Good Witch

Don your blush-hued wedding gown and a tall crown and you can be Glenda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz. Don't forget your wand.

4. The Bride of Frankenstein

This one will require a little fit of face paint! Pair your wedding dress with dramatic eyes, a dark lip, and painted on stitches.

5. The Corpse Bride 

This costume isn't for the faint of heart (and keep in mind it will likely take a toll on your dress too)! In addition to using a killer makeup tutorial to nail her huge eyes, you'll need to paint your whole body blue...

6. Cinderella

If you have a mint or blue-toned wedding dress (so on-trend...), you can pull off the perfect Cinderella! If you're feeling a bit crafty, you might even consider dying your dress for the occasion. 
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