6 Bridal Shower Alternatives To Consider

If a traditional bridal shower with gifts and games isn't your gal's scene, consider planning an alternative bash instead. Here are six totally non-traditional ways to "shower" your bestie without actually having a bridal shower.

Head to a fitness class.

Pick a workout like SoulCycle or yoga and have all the bride's pals attend. Plan to grab brunch or a green juice afterward. 

Take a cooking lesson.

Gather up the gals to learn a new skill. Attending a cooking lass will be practical and the limited number of guests will make it extra special. 

Plan a getaway.

Pick a new city and plan a weekend trip for the bride and her closest friends. You can prep for the getaway by getting matching mani-pedis beforehand! 

Get tickets to a show.

Have a theater in town? Snag tickets to a play or musical and make a night of it. Don't forget the champagne. 

Host an intimate dinner.

Invite the bride and her fiancé to a small dinner for couples. Drink wine, eat good food, bring a tasty dessert, and enjoy each other's company. 

Try something adventurous.

Find a local rock-climbing wall or white water rafting spot for an extreme bridal shower that she won't forget. 
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