Everything You Need to Know to Thank Your Wedding Crew in Style

We’re suckers for giving a great thank you gift to all your wedding VIPs...whether it's a pampering package for your sweet mom-in-law-to-be, or a Starbucks gift card for the apartment super who signs for the 20 billion registry appliances that overtake your doorstep each day. If you're ready to say thanks in style, read on for everything you need to know. Thank Your Wedding Crew in Style Photo by Annie Spratt YOUR PARENTS No e-card thank you notes. No insistence that they use #yourcrazyweddinghashtag to hunt down friends' photos. They’re your parents. A real, live keepsake is the next best thing to keeping you their little girl forever. Something meaningful like a custom photo album or print or pocket square or handkerchief embroidered with your wedding date will honor your bond and the occasion at hand. Tip: There are plenty of gifts left to exchange with these two, so circle back with mementos and keepsakes for the next few holidays. Short of a sonogram, these are the best photos you could possibly give them in the foreseeable future. YOUR IN-LAWS Whether you’ve known your partner's parents for a decade or you’re just meeting them in person for the first time, one thing is for certain: your in-laws are family now. Celebrate your new status with a gift that feels like a tradition in the making. Look to MouthTaigan, and Provisions by Food 52 for locally-crafted pantry staples that are as gorgeous (and homey!) as they are tasty. Centuries-old whiskey batches, low-country sauces and spices, and/or personalized serving ware make for gifts they’ll treasure for seasons to come. MAID OF HONOR & BRIDESMAIDS These girls have been by your side since day one, and will likely keep you sane come wedding day. Our advice? Pre-pamper them much as humanly possible. Coordinating robes (like the femme ones from Pretty Plum Sugar or the quirky Pearl River Mart's kimonos) will make your pre-wedding photos extra stylish and give your friends something cute to chill out in (like, for real) when the big excitement is over. Tip: If you can afford it, extend a group invite to book in any beauty services you’ll be getting ahead of wedding time. Chances are, your girls be trying to schedule their pampering around your schedule, so the option (not mandate!) to go together could come in handy – and maybe even score a group discount. StyleSeat and BeautyBooked are among our go-tos for local pros on demand. GROOMSMEN Finishing-touch bow ties by Forage Haberdashery and custom-label bottles of Knob Creek bourbon haven’t failed us yet! Tip: This is your last chance to style up your groom’s crew before they hit the altar. Anything that goes with the word “dapper” —or looks damn fine in photos, all lined up in a row—is a good bet. This is your last chance to style up your groom’s crew before they hit the altar. Anything that goes with the word “dapper” —or looks damn fine in photos, all lined up in a row—is a good bet. But be sure to give them a little something extra that isn't just for your wedding. OFFICIANT It's good etiquette to tip your officiant, but if you want to go above and beyond, a good rule of thumb is to donate to the religious institution or charitable organization of the officiant’s choice. A better rule of thumb is to make it a more personal gesture. You can't go wrong with a leather bookmark or journal embossed with their favorite (or most oft-repeated) words of wisdom. Minted and Jenni Bick top our list of thoughtful sources. Tip: If you’re already paying your officiant directly, a tip and a thank you note will do! LAST-MINUTE PINNERS, BRUSHERS, & FIXERS Any friend or family member summoned to your room to pin, paint, brush, or stitch anything in the name of your looking good is not hired help. They're life-savers. Gift accordingly. Bubbly-inspired candles (we can't get enough of Jonathan Adler’s rose gold “Champagne Pop" and Voluspa’s “Crisp Champagne” varieties) will lighten the mood after just about any wedding-related emergency or kerfuffle. And if they unexpectedly come through for you on the big day, just send the gift along with their thank you note after the wedding. Tip: Chill a bottle of real Champagne in your prep suite so you can raise a glass to anyone who drops by to help! YOUR PARTNER A day-of gift for your partner isn't required, but it can be nice. Think of this as the gift that keeps on giving—a chance to say “You picked right!” and “Here’s a taste of the cool/sexy/brilliant wife you're getting.” You know. No pressure. The gift can be as to-the-point as boudoir photos slipped under the door of your sweetheart's wedding day prep room in an envelope marked “Honey Do List”...or as elaborate as a framed FIFA soccer jersey you've been stalking on eBay since your second date. Thank Your Wedding Crew in Style Photo by Zuza Reinhard Tip: Double points for arranging to for someone else to deliver the gift and having the videographer or photographer catch your sweetheart's reaction on film. Triple points for displaying whatever said gift is in your new home. Happy gifting! Get more gift inspiration on Loverly: 8 Hostess Gifts to Bring To Your In-Laws This Weekend 5 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Actually Like (And Use!) 9 DIY Gifts Any Couple Will Love