Astrology and Wedding Planning: Finding Cosmic Alignment for Your Special Day

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In the age of ever-evolving spirituality and a rising interest in the cosmos, astrology is making its way into various aspects of modern life. Recently, The New York Times delved into the growing trend of using astrology to influence wedding planning decisions and were intrigued. From selecting the date of the proposal to determining the most auspicious day for the wedding ceremony, many couples are turning to the stars to guide their most significant life events.
The article highlights the story of Alice Bell, a 30-year-old astrologer based in New York, and her partner, Jesse Zannino. They credit astrology for bringing them together and now trust it to shape their future as a couple. Alice advised Jesse to propose by May 2023 because her astrological forecast for marriage was favorable in 2024 but less so in 2025. Their connection started with their first date, which Alice meticulously timed with the new moon in February 2021. Jesse also checked his birth chart before the date, fearing that his Scorpio moon might not align well with Alice's astrological inclinations. To his relief, she was intrigued instead.
After the proposal, Alice promptly analyzed potential wedding charts to find an ideal date. She chose June 8, 2024, considering both of their birth charts to ensure positive energy and alignment on their special day. A birth chart captures the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the time, date, and place of a person's birth, offering insights into their life path and personality. Similarly, a wedding chart reveals the celestial influences surrounding the start of a marriage.
While Alice seeks to ensure good energy and a positive experience for her wedding guests, other astrologers believe that the wedding date and time can impact the future success of the marriage itself. This belief resonates with age-old practices in Indian weddings and arranged marriages, where astrologers often match the bride and groom based on astrological compatibility.
Astrological wedding planning is gaining popularity in the United States, coinciding with the rise of "new age" spirituality and wellness content on social media. According to a Pew Research Center poll, the percentage of Americans believing in astrology rose from 25% in 2009 to 29% in 2018. The influence of astrology on wedding planning can be seen in viral TikTok content, featuring astrological wedding seating charts and zodiac-themed wedding dresses.
The trend seems to be more popular among women, with the majority of astrology-related wedding queries coming from female clients. This aligns with the practice in Indian astrology, where premarital counseling and compatibility checks are a tradition. Indian astrologer Sundeep Kochar uses the moon sign to prepare clients for marriage, offering insights that can help couples navigate their relationships better.
According to the New York Times article, Astrologers like Jess Campbell also consider the astrological climate when picking a wedding date. Jess delayed her own wedding in 2021 because she felt the astrology was not favorable. She eventually settled on an October 2022 date, considering the harmonious influence of Venus, the planet of love, during the early Libran dates of that month. Jess also retrospectively checks event charts for couples already married, often finding correlations between the charts and the themes they are navigating in their lives.
As the popularity of astrology-driven wedding planning continues to grow, skeptics may question its scientific basis. Critics argue that astrological interpretations lack empirical evidence and may merely fulfill the psychological need for meaning and certainty. Nevertheless, for those who find comfort and guidance in the cosmic alignments, astrology remains a meaningful tool to mark significant life events, including weddings.
Couples like Alice Bell and Jesse Zannino have embraced astrology not only to find each other but also to shape their future together. Whether one views astrology as a mere hobby or a serious guide, it is undeniable that the celestial alignments have found a place in modern wedding planning. As the stars continue to captivate the hearts and minds of many, astrological wedding planning seems destined to remain a celestial phenomenon in the ever-evolving landscape of love and matrimony.
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