Do Men Fantasize About Their Weddings? Here's What Some Guys Had to Say...

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While people assume all women have been dreaming about their weddings since they were little girls, that's not the case with men. So when someone posed that very question to the subreddit AskMen yesterday, we were pretty curious to see what they'd say. AskMen; Do Men Fantasize About Their Weddings? Here's What Some Guys Had to Say... Photo by Aurélien Dockwiller Here are some of their replies... "I never did. For a while I didn't think I'd even want a wedding." "Nah, I find marriage to be a silly thing." "I have, but mostly it's just the feeling of partnership that I'm thinking of. I think about her and me, and the statement of commitment. I think about how powerful a thing it is to say 'I take this person as my own.' It's a very powerful feeling for me. I don't think about parties and dresses and tuxes, etc (well, not really). I think about people and writing vows and who I want to share that moment with (both her, and the onlookers)." "Actually, yeah. I even have a song picked out for my dance. Obviously, I'll have to run it by my to-be wife but I'd like to think she'd be the type of person to dig it." "I don't necessarily sit down and fantasize about it daily, but when I do, I fantasize about it negatively. I want to get married, but I dread the typical traditional wedding. I honestly don't want my family there at all. Not my mother, not my sister(s), not my brother, and God forbid my dad come and ruin everything. I just want to put a ring on it, make out, do something completely untraditional, and then f*ck all night long. I don't think this view is gonna change any time soon." "Fantasized from the perspective that it was going to be an amazing party because: all the people I love are under one roof. Food. Booze. Music + dancing with my pretty gal. As for the ceremony itself, meh who cares. It turns out we whispered dirty nothings to each other all throughout in front of the pastor from my youth. Fun times." "Yes, I often fantasize about my wedding but it should be noted that my fantasy wedding involves fighting off gunmen trying to steal my wife from me." "Can't think of a single time I have." "Absolutely. There's such a thing about the day being about the bride and, yes, 90 percent of it is. But I picture where the ceremony is and how my wife will look when I see her that day for the first time. I want it to be magical too." "Rarely. My plan for the wedding is to take all the money for the wedding and spend it on booze. I think people will like that." "No, I fantasize about marrying a woman who doesn't want a wedding." "I don't fantasize about the wedding. I do enjoy fantasizing about how I would ask my hypothetical SO to marry me...I want the feeling of anticipation, the excitement, and the fulfillment of entering into a long-term commitment with someone I hypothetically love without actually doing any of the real work to get there. Then there's the writer in me that just enjoys thinking up fantastic situations and writing up the dialogue. In the end, I suppose I'm a closeted romantic." "No, I'm too busy fantasizing about how I'd fight off an alien invasion. (Kung fu powers.)" "No but if there isn't a chili and cheese nacho fountain I'm gonna be PISSED."
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