Angry Brides Loot Bogus Boutique That Never Delivered Their Wedding Gowns

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According to a local Irish newspaper, a group of angry brides swarmed a bridal boutique in Limerick, Ireland this week after the owner failed to fulfill their wedding dress orders. Each bride put down a deposit of around 800 euros in cash when ordering, but when pick-up time came around, they were either presented with completely incorrect dresses or the dresses never arrived at all.
Frustrated and furious, the group of gown-less girls created a plan to get their hands on dresses from the shop either way. So, on Monday, they looted the store, grabbing whatever they could, then hit the pavement running. Apparently, one particularly brazen bride-to-be ran off with three dresses! Still, other brides, who had held out hope that their orders would eventually turn up, are now picking up the pieces. "My wedding is in September and I have no dress. I’m gutted, I’m sickened. It’s meant to be the biggest day of my life," said one bride left without a dress, according to the article. Another said of the store's owner, "she cancelled every appointment I made with her." We're heartbroken for these brides-to-be, and anxious to see what becomes of this shady boutique owner... It turns out she's already been in court several times for insurance fraud and forgery. Yikes! via Photo by Winai Tepsuttinun/
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