4 Tips for Having an Americana-Style Wedding

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Spring and summer weddings are the perfect occasion to break out a little red, white, and blue. This Independence Day, we're feeling patriotic and getting inspired by classic US traditions and down-home Americana style. If you want an all-American vibe at your wedding but you don't want it to feel like Betsy Ross was your wedding planner, read on for our tips. 
1. Use accent colors and patterns to accent your red, white, and blue. 
You can still utilize the stars and the stripes...but we suggest enhancing them with less obvious fabrics and colors. Try varying shades of blue (navy or cerulean) and red (crimson or Pantone's 2012 color of the year Tangerine Tango), and incorporate patterns and textures that accentuate the flag (seersucker, burlap, polka dots, or vintage lace). This will give you a patriotic vibe, but your decor will still feel wedding-centric.
2. Make a statement with your American flag. 
Do you have a tattered vintage flag, or an oversized pennant? Make it the center of attention! We suggest hanging your flag as a ceremony backdrop or above your cake. We also love the look of incorporating the flag into your wedding portraits or photo booth.
3. Serve up something sentimental. 
From sea to shining sea, America has so many great local bites, not to mention the foods that will remind every guest of their childhood holiday picnics. You could go classic (think: mom's apple pie, s'mores), incorporate mini foods from different regions into your menu (Kansas City barbecue and Philly cheesesteak sliders), or stick with the best fare from your hometown. After years of eating fancy wedding food, guests appreciate the recent shift to delicious foods that they actually recognize.
4. Let sparks fly. 
Traditionally, American holidays are celebrated with sparklers and fireworks; bring that idea to your wedding with a sweet sendoff. If you're planning to have an indoor venue and don't want to deal with fireworks, keep the sparkling sentiment by giving guests mini confetti poppers filled with red, white, and blue confetti. Here are a few more cute  Americana wedding ideas:
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