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If you or members of your wedding party are heavily allergic to flowers, or you simply want to go against the traditional bouquet, consider experimenting with the following creative alternatives. There are just as many ways to replicate the flowery vibe without spending money on fresh flowers, as there are innovative accessories for you and your wedding party to hold on the big day. Below are ten ideas to spark some inspiration. Don’t be afraid to reinterpret traditional wedding trends — and toss that flower bouquet out the window.

1. Why Not Hold Some Snacks While You're Walking Down the Aisle?

If you are a diehard foodie, then this food-based bouquet may be the way to go on your wedding day. From a single artichoke, bundle of greens, or even donuts. There are so many possibilities out there, so listen to your stomach and design an edible bouquet of your favorite foods. Although I suppose some flowers can be edible... but no one wants to munch on rose petals when you could carry chocolate-covered strawberries. 

2. Be Your Own Craft Master

Florists themselves are a niche of crafter creators already, but we challenge you to embrace your creativity and use unconventional materials for a unique bouquet. The random supplies you once used for elementary and middle school projects will finally come in handy, from yarn to pom poms. You could also embrace the Japanese art of origami and design a cluster of beautiful paper flowers.

3. Why Carry Something When You Can Just Tie It Around Your Wrist?

Corsages may feel very senior prom circa the early 2000s, but constructing a simple corsage out of paper or other materials mentioned above is an easy way to have your hands free to dance while still maintaining a semblance of floral in your wedding look.

4. Crystals, Shells, and Pearls Oh My!

If your style is more bold and dramatic, consider using statement materials like shells from your favorite beach or various bling to make your bouquet more personal than a bundle of peonies.

5. If You Don’t Have Rescue Puppies Or Kittens At Your Wedding, You Are Doing It Wrong

You heard us right, rescue animals are the perfect cuddle buddy for your parents and in-laws when they see their children say “I do.” Of course, keep animal rights in mind when you rescue puppies, kittens, or any other animal. If you choose this option, make sure you contact a reputable rescue organization and consider rescuing these cute animals not just for the big day.

6. Listen To The Weather And Accessorize Accordingly

Depending on what month or season your wedding is scheduled for, consider choosing accessories that would make the day more comfortable whether it be heat, rain, or snow. Consider ordering parasol umbrellas that you could decorate further, or making a crown out of earmuffs.

7. Light Up The Aisle With Lanterns (And You Obviously)

Another logistical based suggestion would be lanterns to light up the ceremony and reception if it will occur later in the day. Lanterns can also make great gifts for your wedding party to take home.

8. Embrace Your Inner Child And Grab A Balloon And Fairy Wand!

While your wedding day may be a signal of adulthood, why not celebrate the special day embracing your inner child with a bouquet of fun balloons or even a wand Harry Potter or Elsa style.

9. Forget The Flowers, Embrace The Jewelry

If accessories are more your game, ditch the traditional flowers and opt for bold vintage jewelry pieces or hand me down earrings that hold special meaning. You could wear matching pieces with your wedding party, or have a gift swap during your bachelor or bachelorette party.

10. You Already Have So Much To Carry (With Big Milestones And Such), Why Not Use A Basket?

Flower girls don’t have to be the only ones to hold a basket on your wedding day. Order a basket of choice and decorate or fill it with ribbon, bows, or even dried flowers — with enough room of course for anything else you may need throughout the day.
Kellee Khalil
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Kellee Khalil is the Founder & CEO of Loverly. She lives in upstate NY with her fiancé and two dogs.