Why Boozy Popsicles Are the Hottest Way to Cool Down This Summer

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With the scorching heat and gross humidity taking a toll on summer wedding guests, it's no surprise that we're seeing couples gravitate towards a colder signature cocktail. And rather than serving up beverages, many are getting creative with alcohol-infused popsicles! From wine to beer to every liquor imaginable, the popsicle possibilities are endless. Here are five reasons why you need to serve alcoholic popsicles for your summer soiree. Why Boozy Popsicles Are the Hottest Way to Cool Down This Summer Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels 1. They're fun and fresh...but have a nostalgic vibe. Biting into an icy popsicle will remind guests of lazy summer days from childhood, but the treats will still feel unique and creative (and are great conversation starters). 2. They're refreshing. There is nothing better than a cold sweet in the summertime; guests will be able to beat the heat while enjoying an adult version of their favorite treat. Bonus: the popsicles may be less dehydrating than traditional cocktails. 3. They contain less alcohol than regular cocktails. We suggest serving the boozy popsicles during the cocktail hour (thus saving on your bar tab!) and then opening up the bar for the rest of the reception. Spiked popsicles are also a great option for daytime weddings (when people are likely to drink less anyway) or as a fun late-night snack! 4. They're oh-so-pretty. Colorful popsicles look gorgeous in photos; for an extra pretty touch, add fruit to your popsicles. 5. 'Tis the season! It's only fitting to serve popsicles at your upcoming wedding-- it is summer after all! (Just make sure you have some cute napkins handy so the guests aren't stuck with melting messes!)   More wedding ideas: Tips for a stress-free outdoor wedding Elegant flavored waters to serve at your next soiree Must-try catering tips and trends 

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