7 Seriously Crème De La Crème White Details

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Why reserve the color white simply for your big day dress? The hue symbolizes light, goodness, and purity. It's such a fresh and neutral way to decorate your "I dos." If you don't believe us, check out these seven beautiful details and you'll be totally smitten, too. 1. Embrace the sweet tradition of wearing white on your wedding day. via Be.Inspired fashion: Love and Lace Bridal Salon | photographer: s'wonderful 2. Opt for a white venue with a seriously classy vibe. via Be.Inspired venue: The Venue Report 3. If rustic is your style, this white barn will look fab all dolled up in gorgeous lights. via Be.Inspired venue: The Venue Report 4. Do white blooms ever go out of fashion? We don't think so! via Be.Inspired floral design: The Hidden Garden | photography: Amy & Stuart 5. Bring an air of sophistication to your "I do" outfit with these stunning slip-ons. via Be.Inspired photography: Kelsey Dewitt 6. Enchant your guests with a giant cake surrounded by stunning white details. via Be.Inspired event design: The Graceful Host | photography: Lauren Rosenau 7. Add metallic touches like silver lettering on a white background to enhance the effect. via stationery: East Six 8. White isn't just for brides. Ask your guests to rock the color for a laid-back look. via event designer: CCL Weddings & Events | photographer: Christine Farah (All photos via Be Inspired PR)
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