7 Fridge-Worthy Save the Dates You (and Your Guests) Are Gonna Love

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You've already raided the racks for all the latest wedding mags, visited a bunch of dreamy venues (and picked one!), and now it's time to tell your guests when and wherethe big event is going down. Whatever your couple style, we've teamed up with the experts at Wedding Paper Divas to find the perfect card for you and your significant other. So kick back, pour a glass of bubbly, and get ready for some serious stationery fun.

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1. The first couple to tie the knot in your social circle. You're the Monica and Chandler of your friend group—the glue that holds everyone together. You're also the only ones ready to make that big commitment. You two are social leaders, organize weekly Sunday Funday brunches, and always make time to hang with your close friends. You're probably going to have a nostalgic but totally hip playlist at your reception and share oh-so-sweet childhood photos of you, your spouse, and your besties. As for finding that just right save the date, it's all about cute photos. But, you'll adore that this card because it has an actual calendar on the front. When it's on the fridge, it'll be the perfect visual reminder for the celebration of a lifetime.
2. The couple that's planning fairytale "I dos." When you met the one, the connection was instant. You both grew up together, did the long distance 'ship in college, and now you're ready to get hitched! While your relationship might be straight from a storybook, you're craving a big day that's high on romance. You and your S.O. plan to write original vows and perform a choreographed first dance. For a magical the save the date card, you want something simple and sweet like this romantic heart-shaped card with it's gorgeous, swirled calligraphy. Without even trying, you'll totally give your guests all the feels, and you totally know your mom or grandmother will include it in a darling wedding scrapbook.
3. The couple that's always ready for happy hour. The end to your perfect day includes meeting up with your besties for a yummy cocktail and a good laugh. You both frequent all the hot spots around town to savor the latest sips and bites from the top chefs and mixologists. Your ideal "I dos" will include a beautiful naked cake and speciality liquor drinks crafted just for you and your main squeeze. You're happiest when those around you are relaxed and having fun, so when it comes to an invite, you'll want one with a chill vibe. In a carefree, mellow yellow this little number will give your guests some chic charm.
4. The couple that dreams of opening up an art gallery. You both are hot on trends: from indie music to clever graphic design, and cutting-edge lifestyle blogs. Your wedding vision includes a digital photo booth and music from a hip band or DJ. You might rock a pair of glasses for your "I do" outfit, while your partner directs a video team to make a film of your nuptials. It's completely true that you'll need a card that has eye-catching text and loads of well-placed white space. This adorable infographic tells your joint story and lists the wedding website so your guests can RSVP online and find your wedding hashtags before the ceremony.
5. That couple that’s creating a double-tap-worthy wedding. When it comes to filters and social shares, you and your S.O. have it down. From churning out Pinterest-inspired meals to documenting dazzling weekend getaways, you both enjoy sharing gorgeous photos. With this in mind, you're styling the big day around stunning landscapes and lots of lush blooms. For the save the date, it needs to be totally shareable with vivid photos and dainty flourishes to show off those fab engagement shoot snaps. Once the card is on the 'gram, it'll be liked in no time.
6. The wanderlust couple with free-spirited, destination "I dos." You met in New Zealand on a hiking trip and the sparks flew. You and your partner planned a destination wedding weekend full of exploratory activities. And, you're already working on an island-hopping honeymoon to keep the adventure going. You'll share these larger-than-life experiences with friends and family on your super detailed and inspiring blog. There's no doubt that you have some amazing pics on hand from all of your travels, so opt for a card that will show off one of your fave shots.
7. The couple that's on their way to sketch comedy stardom. Neither of you take life too seriously because you're busy laughing and joking together. No matter what you're doing, you're both having a blast. Friends and family love to hear your partner's jokes and often support your latest improv shows. Your reception will be full of funny anecdotes during the toast and you might even share a surprise "Drunk History" love story video. This cool mint and pink colored card has a playful vibe and with lots of room to feature your laid-back and fun personalities.
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