6 Ways to Include Mom in Wedding Planning You Haven't Thought Of

Get ready to plan like a pro.
You've probably already invited mom to come dress shopping or to help pick out wedding flowers, but remember that not all MOBs swoon over tulle and peonies! Your mama probably has a number of passions and talents that would be amazing assets to your planning process, so let the possibilities be endless.
Here are 6 ways you can include mom that you probably haven't thought of. 

Listening to bands 

Back in the day, your mom may have been a metal devotee or a boy band aficionado, and today, she might be a member of a choral group or enjoy heading to country music festivals. If your mother's into music, take her with you to listen to bands and get her opinion on the sound quality, band leaders' energy levels, and general sense of how each one performs. You two will have a blast listening to tunes and weighing who's best for your wedding. 

Creating a slideshow 

If your mom is into scrapbooking, is always the one taking pictures, and generally serves as your family "historian" of sorts, she would probably be honored to take on the task of creating a slideshow for your big day or rehearsal dinner. Give her a general outline of what you want and either do it together—so you can reminisce over old photos—or let her take the lead so it's a sweet surprise!

Tasting wine

 Does mom enjoy a little vino now and then? (And is her weekly book club more about imbibing than analyzing texts?) If so, take her with you to Bevmo or Trader Joes so you can pick out some potential vintages and do a little taste testing. If you'll be choosing wines with your caterer, invite mom to come to the meeting and raise a glass to her! 

Designing your stationery

 Maybe your mom is super artsy or knows how to use Photoshop like a total pro. Give her a chance to show off her creative side by doing an illustration for your invitation suite, designing your menus and programs, or even painting a cool monogram you can incorporate into your big day décor. Her personal touch will be super sweet. 

Baking your shower cake 

If your mom made you the most amazing birthday cakes growing up, let her showcase her confectionary skills. While having mom bake your wedding cake might be a little stressful—for both of you—asking her to make something for your shower is the perfect happy medium. She still gets to create an amazing dessert and you can let a pro handle the main event. 

Devising a timeline

 If your mom is organized beyond belief or a seasoned project manager, allow her to help you devise a wedding timeline—along with your planner, if you have one. She'll be thrilled to have a hand in the logistics and can put her analytical skills to new use. How will you include your mom in wedding planning, Loverlies?
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