6 Rehearsal Dinner Ideas That Aren't Actually Dinner

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Ever feel like dinner parties are kind of stuffy, outdated, and so not your scene? Well, then the idea of a fancy rehearsal dinner probably isn’t something you’re really looking forward to... Good news: Just because it’s notoriously called a "rehearsal dinner" doesn’t mean you actually need to have dinner. Instead, try one of these ideas that involve more than just sitting around a table.
1. Rehearsal Brunch.
  Let’s not forget that before the party comes the actual rehearsal — and if your venue is hosting a wedding the day before yours, an evening rehearsal might not be an option. So, do a practice run in the morning and host an early-afternoon brunch with everything from an omelet bar to mimosas and bloody marys. Another reason this is a great option? You’ll have plenty of time to relax and prepare (and sober up) before the big day.
2. Sweets Soiree.
  For the couple with a serious sweet tooth, a party with just desserts and drinks is a great option. Got a family full of bakers? Everyone loves a good homemade confection! Or, if you want your rehearsal celebration to have a bit of a fancier vibe, go for French pastries or fondue.
3. Backyard BBQ.
Maybe you do want to feed your guests dinner, just in a more casual setting. A backyard barbecue (whether it’s in your parents’ backyard or a public park) is the perfect option. You can make this as low-key as you like: Catering is totally an option, but dad might want to just fire up the grill and throw on some dogs and burgers. Photo by Moss and Isaac on Snippet & Ink via Loverly Make the event even more lighthearted with some lawn games! Break out the cornhole and horseshoes for a night that feels far from stuffy.
4. Ball Game.
Nothing brings families together like a shared love of a sports team — or a friendly rivalry between teams. Gather up the gang and rent a skybox or a section of seats to watch your favorite baseball, football or hockey team. Don’t forget to contact the stadium ahead of time to tell them you’re coming — you want the kiss cam to be able to find you!
5. Brewery or Winery Tour.
  Go way beyond raising a glass... Invite your guests to join you on a tour around the facility, then let the libations flow. It’s a guaranteed good time if you’re a wine- or beer-lover! Photo by Suzy Clement via Quick warning: If there will be kids at your rehearsal, check with the winery or brewery beforehand to make sure they’ll be able to attend.
6. Bowling Party.
Give your loved ones some entertainment! Rent a few lanes, order pizza, nachos, and beer, and the fun will take care of itself. For a little friendly competition, split up your family and your fiancé’s families into teams. Don’t forget that you should still do some of the rehearsal dinner traditions, like giving gifts to your wedding party and raising a toast to your families. Just make sure you carve out a little time between games!
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