14 Thoughts Every Couple Has While Planning Their Wedding Menu

Your invitations, your way.
From dreaming up dish ideas to attending all those tastings, deciding what snacks and cocktails to serve up at your wedding can be a blast. But between managing your catering budget and trying to please everyone’s sometimes picky palettes, menu planning can also be a bit overwhelming... If you're down to deciding on food and drink, here’s how you're probably feeling. I can’t wait to taste ALL THE THINGS. All photos from giphy Um, can we make this mini? And why is everything cuter when it's mini? Pause. It costs HOW much per plate? Are you sure we have enough hors d’oeuvers? Ok, can we just order pizza? This is getting too hard... No, wait... Taco bar! Oh, right, a vegetarian option… And a kid-friendly option (that kinda looks better than the grown-up option)… How many signature cocktails is too many signature cocktails? It is officially impossible to pick only three cupcake flavors. So, dessert bar it is! Until everyone's hungry again at midnight... Late night snack, anyone? Sigh… Too bad we’ll probably be too busy to actually eat anything. Can we just eat NOW? Snag a little more food and drink advice: 6 Unnecessary Things You Can Totally Cut From Your Catering Bill 8 Foods NOT to Serve at Your Wedding 5 Fun Wedding Food Trends to Try
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