14 Hilarious (and Kinda True) Valentine’s Day Cards You’ll Want to Send to Your Partner

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Around Valentine's Day, we get sick of cliché love quotes and sappy sayings really fast. We prefer the brutally honest route and that's the approach these hysterical cards take! Fair warning: be sure your partner has a good sense of humor before sending one to him or her. Checkout these fourteen funny and quirky love notes. 1. True romance.

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2. Is this even possible?
3. You know it's real when...
4. For the puppy-loving couple (there's a cat version, too!).
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5. Have sexier words ever been spoken?
6. When you can't decide how to celebrate Valentine's Day.
7. Hey, not every day can be perfect.

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8. Nothing is easy in the morning.
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9. What you're truly grateful for on this day: not having to date.

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10. How to send a passive aggressive Valentine:
11. A true compliment.
12. If candy hearts said what you really felt...
13. Sharing is caring?

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14. Well, it's a special occasion.
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