10 Reactions Every Bride Has to Her Wedding Gifts

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Allow us to be materialistic for a second and say...receiving wedding gifts is pretty darn exciting. Yes, you asked for all these things, and you kinda-sorta knew people would buy them for you. But receiving the gifts still feels magical and special. Read on for 10 reactions every couple has to their wedding gifts.
1. When the mailman drops off four packages every day and tells you you must be pretty popular 2. When someone gives you a coffee maker...but it's not the one you registered for 3. When you start receiving your wedding china 4. When you open gifts at your wedding shower and try to think of something cute or clever to say each time 5. When you open a gift and have no idea what it is 6. When someone gives you a really cool and creative gift that wasn't on your registry 7. When someone gives you the inexpensive but cool thing you secretly wanted most (hello, nice measuring cups!) 8. When your co-workers surprise you with an awesome gift a few days before your wedding 9. When your parents give you the Kitchen-Aid mixer 10. When you open all your wedding cards the morning after your wedding Need some gift registry inspiration? Browse ideas on Lover.ly! —By Rachel W. Miller
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