There IS a Wrong Way to Use Social Media While You Plan Your Wedding

The way your registry should be— easy, fun, and flexible!
In the age of the internet, social media pretty much creeps into every aspect of your life - including your wedding. If you're hoping to avoid becoming an over-excited, over-sharer, it's important to consider internet etiquette - or "netiquette," if you will - when posting about your big day. So, here are nine little tips and tricks for managing your newsfeed (and in turn, everyone else's).

1. DO inform your VIPs of your engagement before posting on social.

Before you officially change your relationship status or post that selfie, make sure to call your nearest and dearest. Too often parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, find out about an engagement via social media. Your relatives and besties will definitely appreciate the advance notice.

2. DO share your selfies and engagement photos. 

Everyone is eager to see them! Whether it’s a snapshot of your smiling faces the moment after you said yes, a close up of that newly-acquired bling, or professional photos from your shoot – your friends, family, and followers are excited to share in the happiness.

3. DO NOT ask people to RSVP on social media. 

Stick with a good old fashioned reply card or even an email address when it comes to RSVPs. Facebook and other social media platforms are never the place to collect responses. Why? Think of the people you couldn’t include, and be considerate of their feelings.

4. DO NOT post your registry to your profile. 

While you may be excited about the idea of getting all those gifts, the only place your registry should live is on your wedding website (or, if you don’t have a site, your bridal party should take charge of getting the details to guests). Posting your wedding wish list to social media kinda makes it look like you’re pandering for gifts…

5. DO NOT ask friends to be in your bridal party by posting to their Timelines. 

Put your personal touch on this one, and keep it on the down low while you round-up your crew. Phone each friend, ask them in person, or send along a sweet note or package. Do not make public news of the bridal party – someone is bound to get their feelings hurt.

6. DO use Facebook’s limited view function. 

Facebook has made many positive updates in recent years, and the limited view function is one of our favorites. Post privately to groups or block certain people from seeing wedding-related news. This will help you to stay in everyone’s good graces while you’re in the middle of wedding planning.

7. DO use a wedding hashtag. 

All hail the power of the wedding hashtag, which will help you collect all of your guests photos in one place! Head to Instagram the morning after the big day, and you’ll be able to scroll through and see all of the beautiful images that you missed while you were too busy living in the moment to be attached to your phone.

8. DO NOT email thank you notes. 

Your guests invested time, money, and energy in celebrating this next step in your life. Invest the same in your sincere thank you for everything that they’ve done. A little snail mail goes a long way!
Kimberly Watson
About The Author
Senior copy editor at Razorfish.