6 Hacks to Make Creating Your Seating Chart Super Easy

Collect, manage, and organize your wedding guest information for each event and track their preferences.
While creating a seating chart just might be one of the least fun wedding planning tasks, making sure each guest has a seat (and the right seat...) is pretty essential to having your reception go off without a hitch. Plan to create your seating chart approximately 2-3 weeks before your wedding, once your last-minute RSVPs have been returned, and put your thinking cap on! Dreading this wedding to-do? Here are six ways to simplify the wedding seating chart process:

1. Create a color-coded chart. Create a system for organizing your guests. We suggest color-coding your guests by your relationship to them (ex., your family is purple, your friends are blue, your partner's friends are yellow) then write each guest's name on a post-it note in their corresponding color. Draw out your reception layout, and easily move guests from table to table.

2. Organize in order of importance. Start by seating you and your partner, then find seats for parents, the wedding party, your closest friends and family, and then the rest of the gang. If you start by placing the most important guests first, you can fill in empty spots with others.

3. Factor in age. Keep in mind that older guests might not be able to see as well, or might want to be seated further away from the band. Meanwhile, your college friends might love a spot right by the dance floor. Also, consider grouping children together at a kids table.

4. Try a laminated layout of your reception. If you're not into the post-it method, consider drawing out a large layout of your reception, then laminating it. You can then write on the laminated paper with dry erase markers to add in guests' names.

5. Be prepared to make changes. Things will change! That's why we recommend planning out your seating chart with post-its or a dry erase board. Snap photos on your iPhone to capture rough drafts and of course, your completed assignment. On the day, have spare place cards for last-minute changes.

6. Use a digital version. Try a digital seating chart tool like AllSeated or Tablerrr to easily import your guest list, create your chart, and share it with your vendors!
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