How to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger (In Case You Wanted to Know)

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Hey, bigger is not always better by any means, but if you're a glamour-loving girl, there's a good chance you're dreaming of a gigantic diamond... So, what do you do if all those costly carats just aren't in your future? We're spilling five ways to make a small engagement ring look larger than life:

1. Try the Halo Effect. 

The halo setting—in which small pave stones encircle the larger center stone— is the go-to way to make your ring look bigger while keeping costs down. While round and princess-cut diamonds are classics, the halo works with just about any shape. 

2. Choose Slender Prongs. 

The less visible the prongs are, the more your diamond will stand out. Consider a cathedral setting, which places the diamond well above the rest of the ring. The added height and distance from the band will make it look larger. 

3. Consider Side Stones. 

Selecting stones to frame your diamond is another way to make your ring appear bigger. Choose much smaller stones, or stones of a different color to help the center diamond seriously stand out. 

4. Choose a Slim Band.

 This trick works on smaller diamonds (and is especially helpful if you happen to have larger hands). By taking some size away from the band, the diamond appears bigger by proxy. 

5. Pick a "Fancy" Shape. 

Fancy shaped diamonds are those that are any cut other than round, princess, or emerald. Diamonds that are pear-shaped, oval, or marquise, can appear much larger than round stones, without increasing the carats.
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