7 Signs You've Picked the Perfect Officiant

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Think you've found an officiant who's right for you? Many major decisions go into planning your big day, and picking an officiant who understands and accepts you and your partner's wishes is no exception. Here are seven signs you've found the perfect person to perform your ceremony.
 1. Your officiant just gets you. 
Whether you've known this person for a while or you've met more recently, you really feel like he or she understands you, your partner, and your priorities. 
2. You feel super comfortable with this person. 
You want to feel at ease on your big day, so it's important that your officiant is able to keep you cool and calm during the ceremony. 
3. Your officiant supports any rituals you want included. 
If you're planning to include any religious customs or family traditions, your officiant should be supportive and enthusiastic (and quite possibly, qualified). 
4. He or she is willing to take the time to get to know your relationship better.
 Even if your officiant knows you as individuals, you want him or her to understand your relationship. It'll help make the ceremony extra meaningful. 
5. You've seen this person in action. 
Maybe you've seen your officiant perform another wedding ceremony or even just deliver a toast or speech. Everyone's speaking style is different, so know what you're signing on for. 
6. He or she is legally prepared to marry the two of you. 
All the necessary paperwork is in place. You do want your marriage to be legal after all! 
7. You can easily communicate with him or her before the big day.
Communication is key leading up to your wedding. Your officiant is available and accessible!
8. You couldn't think of anyone better to marry you and your partner.
More than anything, you should have a gut feeling that this person is the perfect fit for you. When you know, you know!
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