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Many say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s no wonder, when it comes to a wedding registry, that two people building a life together would want to outfit this special space. Food nourishes the body, and for many, sharing food experiences is what makes their hearts fullest. You two get that. Being a foodie couple means researching new cuisines to try, tasting each other’s concoctions, and always looking forward to the next meal together. 
Get the most out of your wedding registry by catering to what makes you you. As a food lover, you can point your friends and family in the right direction with items to equip your kitchen–and your taste buds. Before you create your wedding gift registry, dive into our list of must-have registry items, serving everything your foodie fam needs, from appliances to bakeware to barista-level coffee accessories. Whether you’ll be in a new home or simply upgrading to the finest foodie things, our list covers everything you’ll need to eat, drink, and be married!

The Must-Have Kitchen Appliances
If you love being at the forefront of small kitchen appliance advancements, this group of gifts is for you. A registry with everything you need to streamline in the kitchen–fry, blend, process, toast, and cook–with time to spare and easy cleanup. Efficiency makes for fewer fights in the kitchen. Plus, your foodie couple adventures can be home-based; make Belgian waffles or fresh Italian pasta without ever booking a ticket. Some of the bigger ticket items make for a great group gift, so don't be shy here.
Your newlywed kitchen needs these staple kitchen appliances. A Cuisinart Food Processor will help you breeze through most recipes that call for fine chopping or slicing. A toaster oven is a great add-on to the wedding registry for homes that normally already have an oven. It’s like an oven’s quicker sidekick. A Nutribullet is a great starter blender, and it packs a punch for its size. Great for when you want two different smoothies or salad dressings–no mess, no stress.
Perhaps you already have the basic kitchen setup, and you’re looking to add a little extravagance to the post wedding mix. Treat yourself to wedding registry items that take you to the next level. An AirFryer is the mini conventional oven you never knew you needed for quick delicious meals. You might want to marry it, proceed with caution! The Vitamix is the sharpest, most efficient blender on the market, a true powerhouse for juices, smoothies, and soups. And, if you love a fizzy moment, you must-have a soda stream on your wedding registry. 
As advanced-level foodies, you want to go beyond the appliances that make things easier–how about a challenge, right? Pasta making is a fantastic two-person date night. Personalize your pasta dishes with the KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment Set. You can mix, mold, and cut your pasta any way you like it. Be sure to cook it al dente, just like every good marriage should be! Indoor barbecues seem like a thing of the future, but the Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill brings them home now. Plus, it’s got a built-in air fryer, so you can skip registering for that separately. And an Instant Pot is considered king of the set-it-and-forget-it multicookers; you can make anything from pot roast to stew to pastries, and the list goes on.
Air Fryer
Pro Nutrient Extractor
9-in-1 Pressure Cooker
Black + Decker
Toaster Oven
Stand Mixer
Food Processor with Dicing Kit

The Must-Have Bakeware
Prepare for a decadent married life with this list of everything you need to feed your sweet tooth. Your kitchen will be bake-off ready, from measuring to mixing to baking and cooling. Love without measuring, but definitely measure when it comes to baking, with tools and ramekins to help you perfect oven-made anything. Pro tip - level up your newlywed hosting skills with a pizza stone for the most impressive pizza parties. Their gifts to you become your gift to them, just like that.
For the short and sweet baking setup, register for a set of mixing bowls, a sheet pan or two, and a simple bakeware set. Bowls big enough for incorporating ingredients seem to be hard to come by when you decide to make that batch of cookies. Sheet pans are so versatile for, of course, the batch of cookies, or one-pan baked dinners, roasted veggies, and more. If you’re starting completely fresh, start with a bakeware set like the Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware Set; it comes with 10 pieces in various sizes to cover all your baking needs.
Are you the foodie couple documenting your indulgent creations or hosting Pi Day parties? Level up with items that are all about presentation. Display all your co-baked confections on this Our Table Cake Stand. Or register for a set of fancy ramekins and a pie dish or two, for your first Thanksgiving as a married couple.  
If you’re the duo training for the next TV baking competition, here are a couple definite winners. A pizza stone makes for authentic, restaurant-quality pizza–sure to impress your loved ones. Married life calls for matching aprons. Consider monogramming or decorating them yourselves as a postnuptial craft activity. Date nights in aprons, from now on!
10 Piece Mixing Bowl Set
10 Piece Bakeware Set
Ceramic Ramekins
Pizza Stone
Wood Rolling Pin
Glass Cake Stand

The Must-Have Cookware
Whether you’re the grill master or the home chef, making meals together is what's on your main menu. Make sure you have the essentials and the extras you’ll need as you explore new recipes together. Get as fancy as your kitchen creations will be; register for a Dutch oven or a wok on top of your standard skillets and saucepans. Heat things up with fryers and grill pans. The couple that cooks together wins.
Cooking in your newlywed kitchen starts with pots and pans. You should have at least one quality version of each. We recommend a set like the Our Table 10-Piece Stainless Steel; that will give you a selection of pots, pans, and covers to get you started right. If you’re not ready to commit to an entire set, add a solid fry pan and medium sized pot to the online registry list. 
True kitchen aficionados know that premium flavor comes from high quality cookware. Step it up a notch with registry winners like a Dutch oven for all those sourdough loaves or braised rib dinners you plan to make. A cast iron skillet is another culinary champion worth registering for–it’s worth the extra care you’ll need to take care of it, just like your precious love.
Spice up your wedding registry with a wok. Think: Asian stir fries and noodles for dinner and less oil for healthy cooking. And you won’t regret registering for the spoils of a stovetop griddle: flawless morning pancakes and cuddle-worthy grilled cheeses. Post wedding bellies full, new life complete.
Le Creuset
Round Dutch Oven
12 Piece Ceramic Cookware Set
5-in-1 Indoor Grill
Reversible Grill/Griddle
Cast Iron Skillet
Steel Wok Pan

The Must-Have Kitchen Tools & Gadgets
Don’t forget the details. When you create your wedding registry, think about the time you wanted to make lemonade and didn’t have a lemon squeezer. Or ask for a new set of knives to sharpen your skills, side by side. These accessories will make chopping, peeling, and straining easier, and food prep more enjoyable.
Register for a good set of kitchen utensils that will give you solid and slotted spoons, a spatula, and ladle to use with most of your basic recipes. You’ll want one or two trusty cutting boards to save your countertops and give you the real home chefs feel. A peeler is often overlooked but essential for prepping foods like potatoes and carrots, and making fancy ribbons out of zucchini or squash.
Toasting to new foodie fun with your forever plus one calls for a can and bottle opener on the wedding registry list. Get one that does both, for intimate uncorking or serving guests. A grater is a great-to-have gadget; you’ll be surprised by all the foods you can grate besides cheese–hello latkes and homemade breadcrumbs!
A good chef’s knives are their greatest companion. For your foodie prowess you’ll want to register for a sharp, quality set. They’re not just flashy–you can avoid major kitchen accidents when you use pro-level knives. There’s something romantic about using a mortar and pestle to grind spices and herbs, and it’s a seasoned chef’s ticket to perfect flavor. Take turns crushing.
5 Piece Mixed Wooden Spoons
Electric Can Opener
16 Piece Knife Set
Gorilla Grip
Cutting Boards Set of 3
Mortar and Pestle
Clip On Strainer

The Must-Have Coffee & Tea Setup
Here’s to a married life that feels like a warm beverage. Whether you’re an aspiring at-home barista, a high tea aficionado, or even a mug collector, add gifts that will always get your order right. If you prefer quick coffee on the go, your wish list should include travel mugs and pod storage. If your foodie couples fantasy takes you to fancy espressos and London fogs, register for a Nespresso, a tea kettle, and a frother.
Start your coffee corner off with a classic French press. It’s pretty foolproof, and you can customize your coffee the way you like it. You’ll want a teapot on the registry too, to heat up the water for your French press, or for tea for two. Put a couple mugs on your registry list, if not a set of four, to start your coupled collection.
Maybe you’ve had a French press, and married life is your time to upgrade to a quicker option. Consider a Keurig, if you like single serve pods. They fit great on the countertop, and morning coffee is served as easy as one, two, brew. If you don’t go the instant route, a really nice-to-have coffee gadget is an electric grinder. Fresh coffee beans are top notch. Finally, fancy foodie, get frothy with your very own milk frother, making literally any warm drink experience deluxe.
You are a master of coffee, tea, and anything warm and sippable, and you want your registry to reflect that. Go big with the Breville, it will do everything from grind your beans to steam and froth your milk of choice. Registering for your very own coffee shop at home smells like fresh brewed wedded bliss. espress
Mug Warmer
Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
Double Wall Glass Mugs
Stainless Steel French Press

Wedding registries can be fun, but also a bit daunting. Remember that prioritizing your true foodie desires will make for both practical and unique wedding gifts to unwrap when all is said and done. When choosing what to include in your registry, think about the meals you love to make together, the dishes you haven’t yet tasted, the flavor profiles you’ll get to know as a married chef and sous. No matter your culinary pursuits, this list should have you toasting and tasting in good company.
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