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Wedding professionals,  you've all been there. You've met with a potential client, they seem interested in your work, and you think you've got this in the bag. Then they let you know they've decided to hire someone else. With today's vendors constantly being more creative and more innovative, it can be hard to stand out and actually secure clients. So, what really makes brides and grooms commit to hiring you for their big day? Here are six reasons why couples hire a wedding vendor.
1. They like you on a personal and professional level. 
Your work speaks volumes to potential clients. If they've seen your portfolio and their aesthetics align with yours, great. But, more important than your previous work is how you connect with the clients. Will you get along? Will working together be enjoyable or a total nightmare? Relationships are key.
2. They've read your reviews, and they like what they saw. 
A couple is less likely to hire someone that has received negative reviews or hasn't worked with many couples in the past. Your potential clients want to be assured that you can get the job done, and reviews do just that. Don't have any reviews? Ask your previous clients to kindly drop a note, and be more proactive about asking for reviews with future clients.
3. Your services are within their means. 
It doesn't matter how fantastic you or your work are, if your prices are out of the couple's budget, chances are, they won't commit.
4. They're confident in your ability. 
Show your potential clients that you have skills and experience needed to pull off this wedding. For special clients that you're dying to land, ask one of your past clients if he/she would mind being your reference. Sometimes, it's best to have others speak to your skills on your behalf.
5. You offer them an additional incentive to hire you. 
Discounts can help make a couple's decision to work with you just a bit easier. If you don't want to give a discount, consider bundling your services. For example, a photographer might offer an engagement session for free or at half the price if the couple commits to the big day.6. They've got a gut instinct about you. Sometimes it's all about the gut instinct. Be yourself, show what you can do, and couples are sure to want to hire you.
Kellee Khalil
About The Author
Kellee Khalil is the Founder & CEO of Loverly. She lives in upstate NY with her fiancé and two dogs.