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Scrape, scuff, and bend are words you never want to hear when it comes to your wedding bling. Although diamonds are the most durable gemstone, damage can (unfortunately) still occur. There are a lot of ways to prevent these bumps and scrapes and make sure your bling is looking perfect for your big day—and for all the days to come after your wedding! Keep reading to see if you're doing everything you can to protect that precious bling of yours!

Your Bling Is Precious Cargo

Your ring should be treated as if you spent a million bucks on it! As Kaeleigh Testwuide, founder and CEO of The Diamond Reserve, shares, just because your engagement ring and wedding band were expensive, "it doesn't mean they are indestructible; they are fine jewelry and need to be cared for with love."
According to Testwuide, taking care of your rings is "as simple as being mindful and giving them some extra love once a week." If you're conscious of your ring and stay consistently careful with it, you're automatically off to a great start!

Activities That Can Cause Damage

When it comes to dangerous activities that could damage your ring, there are a few that are no-brainers. "Take your rings off when you are doing any metal on metal activities such as lifting weights, or aggressively gripping things such as a bar in a barre class," shares Testwuide.
If you're not comfortable taking your ring off, there's another solution! Buffr allows you to keep your ring on while keeping your bling safe. As Emily Bonadies of Buffr shares, "there's no need to take them off or have to leave them somewhere you are not 100% comfortable with." Buffr's protective silicone band will protect your ring from scuffing and scratching so that you don't have to worry about leaving your ring in your gym bag or locker.
Being mindful of household cleaners is also a must, as the chemicals can be harsh on your rings. "Gardening and construction projects are a safe bet to take them off too," suggests Testwuide. You might assume that your bling could withstand a little soap and water, but washing dishes is no place for your ring!
Testwuide recommends keeping a ring dish next to your sink to safely hold your rings while you're washing the dishes; it's better to be safe than sorry, and avoid scraping against the edges of plates, cups, and the sink itself. Another activity your ring should steer clear of is cooking. Food can get caught in the groves of your ring and can make your once sparkling diamond now grimy! "Remove your rings for any cooking activity that requires your hands to get dirty," Testwuide says.

Self-care Routines

Sometimes the most unexpected places can cause great damage to your ring! For instance, your bed is a nice place to sleep but it can become a problem for your bling. Testwuide advises, "Get in the habit of removing your ring before bed; you don't want your prongs getting snagged on a sheet."
As Testwuide explains, sometimes people are under the impression that wearing your ring in the shower keeps it squeaky clean but that couldn't be further from the truth. "Conditioner, soap, and other body products just get stuck on your diamond and around them, only making them dirtier."

How To Clean Your Ring at Home

Even when you take off your ring at all the right times to keep it safe, a little regular cleaning is still necessary to keep your bling sparkling. As Brea Fullerton, founder of Shinery, explains, it’s important to have a jewelry care routine that is safe for your bling AND for you. “Traditional jewelry care products have uninspiring packaging, toxic chemicals, and find themselves banned to the back of your bathroom cabinet. Out of sight. Out of mind. Dirty jewelry.” Using products that make jewelry cleaning and care simple and effortless will make it less of a chore, and more of a treat! We love that their products are plant-based and easy to use - a total win-win in our book. And for a bonus tip: set a recurring reminder on your phone to make it even easier to remember to keep up with your regular ring cleanings.
With this handy guide, your ring is sure to be sparkling and safe throughout your entire engagement—and all the years to come!
Leila Lewis
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CEO and founder of Be Inspired PR. 
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