How to Propose to Your Partner

Get ready to plan like a pro.
Centuries of relationships, proposals, weddings, and marriages have all had one thing in common - women waiting for someone to ask for her hand in marriage. What's a modern gal to do? For those ladies who'd like to flip tradition on it's head, we've got five tips and tricks for proposing to your sweetheart.

Be sure you’re ready. 

While women absolutely have as much right as anyone else to take initiation on the proposal – its important to ask yourself why you’re feeling so gung ho. Are you just tired of waiting for your S.O. to ask you? Is it that you like to always do things differently? Whatever reason you come up with – be sure that the golden ticket is there – that you love this person above all else and want to spend the rest of your life with them. Once you’re sure of that, ask away!

Be sure your partner is ready. 

Making sure that you are both in the right place is essential. If the timing isn’t right, you might end up feeling super bummed or discouraged. Also, your main squeeze might be secretly planning a proposal of his or her own! Before you take matters into your own hands, be sure that you aren’t stealing your love’s thunder. This could be something that he or she is looking forward to doing as well.

Take a temperature gauge. 

Drop a few hints, or tell a story or two about women you’ve met that have proposed to their baes – then, see his or her reaction. If your partner recoils in horror (for whatever reason) he or she may not react well to a surprise proposal. If he or she is modern, who supports the idea, that could be your green light.

Make it special. 

Once you’ve decided to propose to your significant other,  be sure to make it important. This isn’t just about who is proposing to who – it’s about making a commitment to share your lives together. Think back on the time that you’ve shared, the good times and the bad, and all the reasons why you love that person above all else. Then, move forward with a proposal that suits both of you, and your relationship.

Be confident. 

The days of women living in the shadows of others should be far behind us. There’s no reason why a woman can’t be decisive about what she wants, and where she’d like to see her future headed. As long as your relationship is happy and healthy, there is no reason that you shouldn’t take the lead in making that big commitment. And who knows – your sweetie just might appreciate being with the kind of gal who really knows what she wants.
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Get ready to plan like a pro.