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Combining lives is kind of a big deal. And whether or not you already live together, your wedding registry is a wonderful opportunity to sync up on all things home organization. After all, you are the couple who craves order. When you think of happy, post wedding day bliss, you think of everything labeled, folded, and in its place. You want to create a shared space that feels good energetically, that feels like home. And that means structure and harmony go hand in hand. 
First things first. As the organized couple you are, you can't begin to think about the dream honeymoon until you organize your wedding registry. This is the time to add gifts that are good for turning your house into a home, add items that address all the details, add storage & organizing essentials that also make you feel good.
Just how organized are you two? Check The Basics for the standard essentials every organized home should have, The Splurge for elevated nice-to-haves, and The Overachiever for top level, Home-Edit-organizers status.

The Must-Have Bedroom Organizers
They say you should never go to bed angry. And you both know the best way for you to dream sweetly is having a fully organized, sacred bedroom space. At least you won't be arguing about tidying up, right? Ask for wedding registry gifts to ward off fights about clothing on the floor or under garments mixed with t-shirts. Create one list that addresses your individual needs in the room, like a basket for the decorative bed pillows or storage concealed under the bed.
​​Start with some simple organization hacks on the registry, like underbed storage containers for shoes or clothing or anything else you want to keep out of sight. These compartments are great when you live in a locale with seasons--switch out the winter and summer wear, and store the rest away. Having a chic basket in the bedroom gives the pesky pillows or throw blankets a place to call home that still looks like decor.
Yes, you can put furniture on your wedding registry. A functional statement piece like this dresser is automatic storage and a place to sort clothing behind closed doors. We love that.
Take the underwear drawer one step further with drawer dividers and organizers. These come in handy, whether you are keeping each other's clothing separate or using the same dresser to organize together. Don't forget to measure so you can add products that fit your specific furniture with ease.
Holdn' Storage
Under Bed Shoe Organizer
Under Bed Storage
Woven Laundry Hamper
Simple Housewares
Drawer Organizer Bins
Rattan Bookshelf
Side Tables with Tempered Glass

The Must-Have Closet Organizers
You're getting married, so no more skeletons in the closet, right? Well, only if there is a special compartment just for them. Really though, your organized coupledom can really shine in the closet. Know whose is whose and what goes where with registry gifts that absolutely organize as well as keep clothing from crumpling or items from taking up too much closet real estate. This goes for hall closets or storage closets, as well.
Your online registry should help you with a basic closet setup, so add items like hangers and a shoe rack to the list. A storage bin or two can't hurt either, especially if you are anti-underbed storage or you have a big enough closet to swap out for the seasons. Bins are great for items like purses or belts, too.
Dress up your closet with details like a garment rack with shelves, on wheels. This is a great gift item if you two are still in a starter home and need extra places to store garments or it can fit nicely inside a closet in lieu of built-ins. A revolving tie rack is next level, futuristic organization fun your friends will love to shop for.
If you're going for allstar closet organization, these are the heavy hitter registry gifts for you. Pant hangers and space saving hangers allow you both so much extra room to share. And shelf dividers help you create separate areas for different items within the closet. They're easy to install, again, if you don't have built-in shelves. Take out some measuring tape as you're adding gifts to the registry so you know what will fit in your closets. Lastly, think ahead to your first holiday together. Whether you're decorating a Christmas tree or a Hanukkah bush, an ornament storage bin is a great-to-have for the hall closet or even the garage.
Fontaines Luxury
Shoe Rack
Garmet rack
House Day
Space Saving Hanger
Shelf dividers
Feasteery Store
Pant hanger

The Must-Have Bathroom Organizers
Stepping into a more intimate part in the house, and maybe one you'll be sharing for the first time, bathroom organization is a must. For you, the organized couple, you'll want to make sure cleanliness is truly achievable, starting with all the bathroom supplies. You can register for gifts that free up room on the sink or in the shower and help get your toiletries and towels organized for post wedding bath time bliss.
Everything will be in its place with Squared Away storage bins, which are clean in design and stackable. You might as well register for a few to cover all your bases in the bathroom. Over-the-door hooks are the simplest way to hang towels or bathrobes out of the way. 
Speaking of hanging towels, you can literally level up with this towel ladder. It’s a classy, decorative, and still functional way to hang towels, especially if you have room in the bathroom for something a step above door hooks. A shower caddy is a great registry item to hang all the soaps and potions you two use during shower time.
You can get really granular with bathroom storage with trays and boxes to compartmentalize your beauty products, makeup, and grooming tools. A storage cart is really nice to have when built-in shelving doesn't quite cut it. And for you anything-but-vain organized couples, organizers for your vanity and hair tools are absolute musts.
Shower caddy
Sandstone & Sage
Acacia Wood Towel Ladder
3-Drawer Stackable Cosmetic Organizer
Vanity Organizer
Storage cart
Richards Store
Bath Storage Bins

The Must-Have Kitchen Organizers
Two cooks in love have to have the ease of organized living to move about the kitchen. Consider date nights made efficient when everything has its place. Your registry is a great way to ask for gifts that complement your combined culinary efforts. It's all about adding to the joy of cooking classes together and subtracting from the tension that may arise when you can't agree on what's for dinner.
The organized couple who cooks together needs an oven mitt or two, and some kitchen towels on hand for any spills or messes. And when organization and sustainability come together, your registry gets these spice jar shakers that you can use and refill and repeat. A seasoned marriage sounds spectacular.
Get even spicier with a set of food storage containers for pouring, scooping or storing dried goods or leftovers. A sink caddy is one of those nice-to-haves so there's always a place for the kitchen sponge. Same goes for the food lid container organizer–a serious joy to avoid messy kitchen drawers. 
When you take the term 'organized couple' to the absolute top, you get super customized registry gifts like a drying rack specifically made for all your water bottles, and a touchless soap dispenser any of your friends will be happy to take off the list just so they can try it when they're over. Your pantry and fridge will stay organized and foods will stay fresher with reusable food storage bags that are also great for the environment.
Food Container Lid Organizer
Cookware Rack
Oven Mitt
Merry Box
Over the Sink Rack
Touchless Soap Dispenser
Sink Caddy

The Must-Have Cleaning Tools
Can your home really be organized if it's not actually clean? We think not. This category of registry gifts is to help you clean up your organized couple castle. Your friends and family know you well. They will love to help out, especially if it means you won't be asking for their help next time they visit.
If you're starting from scratch, add your basic broom and duster to the registry as well as a good scrubber sponge, or a few. You'll be all set to maintain a clean home and ready for all the post wedding house guests.
Get into the crevices a little bit more with gifts on the registry like a lint remover and blind duster. Registering for a vacuum like this great cordless Bissell will get you organized from the floor up. There's nothing quite like a dust-free zone to build a life on together.
Organized couple supreme, meet your turbo cleaning gadgets. These are bigger ticket items that will make vacuuming, mopping, and deep cleaning super efficient. Your guests can have the option to make items like the iRobot or higher end Bissell products group gifts, contributing to their total cost and your totally tidy home.
Cordless Handheld Vacuum
Steam Mop
Air Duster
Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner
Broom and Dustpan
Chom Chom Roller
Reusable Lint Roller

Can you believe you have to fit all of your belongings into one new home? One of the key components of organizing is containers for everything to fit into. Another is all the tools for cleaning up and setting the stage for the happiest of homes. Wedding registries can be fun, but also a bit daunting. There's nothing wrong with being a couple of neat freaks. Prioritize your visions for order and cleanliness, and your wedding guests will follow suit. This list should help you organize your thoughts, and your wishlist for gifts you'll be grateful to use.   
Plan your wedding like a pro.
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