How Your Partner Can Seriously Support Your Health Goals

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 If getting healthy means stepping up your weight loss game, you’re definitely going to need the support of your biggest cheerleader! But what if your partner just isn’t stepping up to the plate? When you’re making major upgrades to your diet and health, it’s important that you and your other half are in it together -- support is undoubtedly key to getting fit, shedding pounds, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But as we all know, change can be challenging for anyone, and even the best intentioned S.O. may have a little trouble adjusting.
That’s exactly why we’ve rounded up three key ways the experts recommend bringing your partner to your side as you work towards a better you (which also means a better us!): 

Bring Your Partner Along For the Journey.

Why not work together towards healthier weights? The beauty of the Nutrisystem program is that everything is personalized and easy to manage. You’ll get over 150 different meals delivered right to your door, many requiring no preparation at all. Doing the program with your S.O. is the perfect way to stay on the same page and motivate each other. And doing it as a team can seriously strengthen your relationship!

Understand That It Is a Big Change For Both Of You.

Even if your partner isn’t following the program, remember that you’re both coping with change, and that takes patience and understanding. If you’re feeling a disconnect, focus on a shared goal of being happy and healthy! You can even show your S.O just how easy the program is by sharing some of Nutrisystem’s delicious snacks. Our personal favorite? It’s a tie between the Chocolate Covered Pretzels and the Chocolate Muffin... 

Focus On Your Health.

At the end of the day, getting healthy is something you do for yourself. Using proper nutrition to lose weight at an efficient and steady pace is one of the most important ways to improve your well-being. After all, being overweight increases your risk of some scary stuff, like heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Helping your partner understand your goals is always important, and communication is key, but in the end, using Nutrisystem is about you changing your life for the better.
With your partner’s support, Nutrisystem can change your life without the stress and hardship of traditional dieting. With over 150 perfectly-portioned meal options delivered right to your door, they take care of all the planning, so you can focus on building a better you. Plus, you can also enjoy the comfort foods you love like Mac and Cheese and French Toast (yes, really!). Customers will lose up to 13 pounds in their first month. Nutrisystem provides a stress-free way to lose weight and the tools to help you discover a better lifestyle for you and your partner. And you can’t beat that, right? 
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