5 Reasons You'll Love This Incredible Virtual Wedding Planner

Let's take a poll... Raise your hand if you ever thought about hiring a wedding planner when you hit that oh-sh*t-just-got-real level of stress over your wedding planning process. Seriously, don't be shy, we've been there, too. For better or for worse, everyone who has ever planned a wedding on their own has had those thoughts... "It'd be much easier if I had some real help (no offense, fiancé)." Then reality hits, and that brilliant idea to hire a planner seems to get lost when costs start to add up.
When it comes to wedding planning, only 16% of couples actually move forward with booking their own planner. And oftentimes it's the cost that's the major problem. In our mission to make wedding planning easier, more affordable, and a whole lot more fun we just debuted a whole new way to plan your wedding.
The "I Do" Crew is a total virtual wedding planning game-changer. For those of you nearlyweds who might have considered taking the plunge (on hiring a planner, that is) more than a few times before realizing the price tag was a non-starter, here are five reasons why you'll love this "something new" from Loverly.

It's Affordable AF—at Less Than 10% Price of a Traditional Planner

Planners are pricey, and for good reason! They're making sure your nuptials are nothing short of perfect, without any of the wedding planning stress falling on you. But bringing in a wedding expert requires a pretty big budget, with starting costs upwards of $3,300 for even partial planning. So, we're giving you the goods at an affordable rate by offering you this virtual wedding planner for less than 5% of the cost of a traditional wedding planner. Is your mind blown yet?
When it comes to planning tools, Loverly has got you covered for free! But with a virtual wedding planner, you get the individual time and attention to get all your wedding questions answered by someone who's been there, done that, caught the bouquet, and then some.

You'll Save Tons of Money—With Exclusive Deals on Must-have Wedding Goodies

There's something to be said for all the money you save with a wedding planner since you can feel assured that you're getting the best advice to always get the best price on your planning purchases. But besides our rockstars team of virtual planners, we've also partnered with some of our favorite brands to bring IDC members exclusive deals just for being a part of our crew!
When you join the crew, you'll automatically gain access to all the things from our perfectly hand-picked partners, including our registry retailers. The brands we've teamed up with were all personally picked to make your virtual wedding planning process simple, streamlined, and full of savings. Each and every month we'll share new promo codes and special offers from our most-loved brands in bridal to help offset the costs of your big day!

It's Super Convenient—Work With Your Planner From Anywhere (With Internet)

The whole point of virtual wedding planning is convenience, right? We know you can do it all yourself, but having another person to check-in with whenever you need is pretty sweet.
As soon as you join the crew, you'll get a text from our virtual wedding assistant, Ava, to schedule your first session with your planner. She'll even remind you of your next meeting and help you schedule any potential follow-ups! All "I Do" Crew members get three sessions with their wedding planner just by signing up, and you can always request more as the need arises.
And the best part is, you don't even have to get out of your PJs to meet with them! Whether you're relaxing at home or even on your lunch break at work, you can do your session by phone or video calls wherever you are.

It Comes With Loads of Downloads—Wedding Planning Worksheets, Checklists, and Guides Galore

Whether you need a go-to tipping sheet to print out and keep on hand on the big day or want to work through your wedding style preferences with your partner—we've got a guide for that! Of course, we've got the standard wedding checklist in addition to our totally customized wedding checklist on Loverly's site, but we're stripping down the content all while taking a deep dive on major planning process moments.
Wedding website walkthrough? Check.
Wedding day timeline? Check.
Guest list worksheet? Major check. (Hey, it's tough figuring out who's going to make that cut!)
Here's the thing though, we know that you already have access to tons and tons of wedding planning tips online. You might even be feeling a bit of an information overload right now! But with these downloads we're shutting down the noise and focusing on what matters—you've got better things to do than sift through thousands of search results!

It's Totally Personalized—Get All Your Questions Answered by Actual Real Live People

After working in the wedding space for over ten years as Loverly, we've noticed that there is a huge gap in the market for a more personal and customized experience when it comes to virtual wedding planning. There are already a hundred and one different sites out there offering wedding information and inspiration out the wazoo; though none quite as good as Loverly if you ask us...
However, there was nothing that we could find that truly offers couple's the full wedding planner experience—including all the personalization, savings, and expertise that comes with it—until now.
We created the I Do Crew to make wedding planning more affordable, accurate, and accessible so more wonderful people like you could plan their dream days and feel supporting doing it. Planning tools are great, but without a human connection, it can all feel a little isolating. That's why we've taken planning tools up a notch by partnering with real wedding planners, wedding vendors, and tons of incredible brands to actually put the people back into virtual wedding planning.