Champagne glasses filled with a red colored cocktail drink.

The Pomegranate Pear Dazzler is The Perfect Drink For Your Bridal Shower

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The Pomegranate Pear Dazzler is a colorful champagne cocktail that you can serve year-round. Perfect for an engagement party or wedding shower, this pink drink actually packs a bit of a punch!


Makes 4 drinks 4 oz. Grey Goose Poire or other pear-flavored vodka
One 750 mL bottle of champagne or sparkling wine
2 oz. pomegranate syrup
To garnish: rose or lily petals, edible gold glitter


 1. Pour the edible glitter onto a small plate. Wet the edges of the champagne flutes with water or lemon juice and then press into the glitter, coating the rim.
2. Add an ounce of vodka to each champagne flute.
3. Fill the flute with champagne or sparkling wine.
4. Add a splash of pomegranate syrup to taste.
5. Float a lily or rose petal in the glass for extra flair! 
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