8 Tips For Keeping Guests Cool and Comfy at Your Summer "I Dos

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Summer weddings are generally a big hit, but they can also be hot. Like, really hot. And keeping guests comfortable pretty much needs to be a top priority.
Make the Most of Misters
 Misters can be rented in all shapes and sizes. From tabletop models to free-standing styles, they can be placed in various areas to allow guests to cool off at any point during the day. These can be especially beneficial if you plan to have the reception outside since people will be extra hot from dancing. Mist can also be provided in individual spray bottles handed out to guests, but refills can be a bit of a hassle 
Don't Skimp on the A/C Units 
If your venue isn't air-conditioned, renting A/C units is probably crucial for comfort. If you choose to rent A/Cs, choose high-quality models that will be relatively quiet. Place them around the seating area as well as other places where guests will gather during the day, such as the bar during the reception. Coordinate with the venue and the A/C company to make sure there will be adequate space and power to support the set-up. 
Keep Everyone Hydrated 
It's important to keep yourselves, your wedding party, and your guests well hydrated throughout the day. Serve up glasses of ice-cold water as everyone enters the ceremony space or place a bucket of water bottles by the entrance for guests to grab. During the cocktail hour and reception, make sure to provide plenty of water and hydrating drinks besides alcohol. Fresh lemonade and ice tea are refreshing offerings. 
Set Out Some Sunscreen
 Sunscreen is a must, especially for a ceremony that is taking place in the afternoon when the sun is at its brightest. Although guests should apply before they arrive, make sure to have some extra sunblock on hand for anyone who may have forgotten theirs or needs to reapply. In some climates, you may want to set out bug spray as well, to keep guests from getting bitten. 
Have Fun With Favors
 How about thanking your guests with fansparasols, hats, or anything else that will help keep them cool? Choose hues that fit your color palette or brand them with your initials or wedding date for the perfect touch of personalization, and leave one on each seat at the ceremony. Some couples even choose to print their wedding programs on fans to save paper and keep guests comfy. 
Supply 'Em With Sunglasses 
You do not want guests squinting as you walk down the aisle (or in all of your wedding photos...). Sunglasses can also serve as a fun wedding favor that guests can take home once the day is over. Like other favors, these can be customized to match your wedding theme. 
Make Sure There's Some Shade
 If your entire celebration will be outside, providing shaded areas is pretty necessary. Plan to utilize an indoor area if needed or consider renting a tent where guests can cool down. This plan may also serve you well should an unexpected summer storm appear. 
Give Your Guests a Heads Up 
If you're anticipating an extremely hot and humid day, let your guests know on your invitation or website, or even in a pre-wedding email. Tell them what parts of the day will take place outside and offer some helpful hints, like wearing light breathable fabrics and wearing sunscreen. They'll really appreciate the thought!  
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