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Ordering your wedding invitations can cause a whole set of worries for to-be-weds; first impressions can last a lifetime, after all. But have no fear, Loverlies, we've teamed up with Minted to bring you some ideas for how to make the most of your invitations and set the right tone for your wedding day from the very start. Whether you're planning a classic ceremony or a rustic reception, here's the right way to pretty up your invitations.

Add sparkle.

Whether you want to add a little sparkle to your invitations with foil-stamping or are going for a more personalized hand-painted look with some lovely letterpress, you probably want to customize your stationery. Everything available at Minted is designed by an independent designer who will work with you to hand-tailor your design to make it perfect, so you know you're going to get something very unique and very "you."

Personalize with a photo.

If you arranged to have an engagement shoot, why not put those photos to good use? Share your love with your guests by sending out a photo minibook card or a postcard save-the-date.

Pick out an envelope liner.

Go the extra mile to customize your invitations by adding an envelope liner. It's a fun and subtle way to add a little sparkle, a design or a pop of color to your invitation suite.

Add a message to your return label.

Set the tone for your wedding from the moment your guests receive their invitations with chic return address labels. Whether you add a design, your initials, a cute note or your wedding date, it's a great way to show your nearest and dearest a little extra love. They'll appreciate the effort and will be even more excited to tear into the envelope.

Customize your addressing.

While you might not have time to hand-address all of your invitations yourself, it's always a nice idea to add that personalized touch. At Minted, all you need to do is upload your address book, pick a font, and voila—custom addressing! Choose from a variety of decorative fonts and unique designs to match what's inside the envelope!
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