How to Create Classy and Unforgettable Bridesmaids Proposals

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Now that you’ve said “Yes” to marrying your fiancé, it’s time to invite your closest friends and family members to stand by your side as your bridesmaids. With weddings becoming more personalized and creative, brides are finding unique ways to honor their loved ones by asking them to play a special part in their big day.
Proposing your future bridesmaids has been a longstanding and cherished tradition, and by infusing elements of elegance and sophistication, you can create an unforgettable experience for you and your bridal party. Keep reading for our tips on how to create a heartfelt bridesmaid proposal they'll never forget!
Whether you're hosting a Saturday brunch in your apartment, organizing an upscale beach picnic, or getting a casual dinner with your girls, here are the 11 best bridesmaid proposal ideas.

1. Personalized Message

A personalized message is a timeless and heartfelt way to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. This can be done through a beautifully written letter, a custom bridesmaid proposal card, or even a creatively designed video message.
For a letter or card, select high-quality stationery that reflects your wedding theme or your personal style. Write a message that speaks to your unique relationship with each friend, recalling special memories or inside jokes.
For a video message, you could record yourself speaking from the heart, or compile photos and clips that tell the story of your friendship, ending with your proposal. You can deliver these in person, by mail, or send them digitally, depending on your preference and the distance between you and your friends.

2. Bridesmaid Pajamas

Gift your bridesmaids with a set of comfy, chic pajamas, personalized to mark the occasion. This creative bridesmaid proposal idea not only serves as a cozy gift but also as a fun way to celebrate your upcoming wedding during sleepovers or bridal party get-togethers.
Choose pajamas that are both stylish and comfortable, ideally in colors that match your wedding palette. You can have them personalized with each bridesmaid’s name or initials. To make the gift even more special, consider adding a “bridesmaid” or “maid of honor” title on the pajamas. Present them in a beautiful box or gift bag, maybe accompanied by a small note or card popping the question.

3. Personalized Makeup Bag

A personalized makeup bag is a perfect gift that your bridesmaids can use on the wedding day and beyond. It’s a thoughtful way to combine the proposal with a gift that acknowledges their role in your big day.
Go for makeup bags that are elegant and of good quality. Personalize them with the names of your bridesmaids, or add a small message or quote that holds meaning in your friendship. Fill the bags with a few small beauty products or treats, like lip balm, hand lotion, or mini perfumes. You can present these makeup bags at a bridesmaid proposal party or send them as a surprise gift with a card that asks the all-important question.

4. Sleek Wine Tumblers

Sleek wine tumblers personalized for your bridesmaids offer a modern and chic way to toast to your friendship and upcoming wedding. These tumblers are not just gifts, they symbolize the many toasts and celebrations to come.
Choose high-quality, insulated wine tumblers that will keep beverages at the perfect temperature. Add each bridesmaid’s name or a meaningful phrase that ties to your wedding theme. You could opt for an elegant script or a more contemporary font, depending on your style. Pack these tumblers in a beautiful gift box, perhaps with a mini bottle of your favorite wine or a heartfelt note inside.

5. Bridesmaid Champagne Flutes

Classic and elegant, personalized bridesmaid champagne flutes are a nice gift to celebrate your proposal. They not only serve as a beautiful keepsake but also enhance the celebratory mood of your wedding journey.
Select champagne flutes that exude elegance and have them engraved with your bridesmaids' names, the date of your wedding, or a short, sweet message. Consider adding a touch of color to match your wedding palette, like a colored stem or a ribbon tied around the flute. Present these flutes with a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. Who doesn't like some champagne bubbles at a bridal party?

6. Custom Travel Bridesmaid Jewelry Cases

If you're having a destination wedding, this will be one of the best bridal party proposal ideas. Custom jewelry cases are a special gift because they symbolize the journey you all are embarking on together. Literally and metaphorically!
Choose compact and stylish jewelry cases that can easily fit into travel bags. Personalize them with your bridesmaids’ names or initials. You can pick cases in colors that match your wedding theme or go for classic shades like black, white, or pastel tones. Inside each case, you could place a small piece of jewelry they could wear on the wedding day or a secret message that reveals your bridesmaid proposal.

7. Personalized Bride Tribe Tumbler

A 'Bride Tribe' tumbler is a fun and trendy way to ask your friends to join your bridal squad. It’s a gift that celebrates your collective journey to the big day and serves as a daily reminder of your friendship.
Opt for tumblers that are durable and stylish, with a design that reflects the vibe of your bridal crew. Add a personal touch with phrases like “Bride Tribe” or “Team Bride” along with their names.
Choose colors that complement your bridal shower theme or go for something bold and vibrant to fit the joyous occasion. Accompany these tumblers with a cute note or a small invitation card that officially asks them to be your bridesmaids.

8. Trendy Hair Ties and Clips

Trendy hair ties and clips are a fashionable way to pop the bridesmaid question. They are perfect for bridesmaids who love adding a chic touch to their hairstyles and can be used during pre-wedding festivities and on the wedding day itself. Your best friends will love this fun bridesmaid proposal idea.
Select the accessories that are stylish and on-trend. Think about pearl-encrusted clips, elegant geometric shapes, or colorful designs that match your wedding palette. Personalize them with small details like initials or wedding-themed embellishments. Give them in a charming gift box with a playful note attached, asking your friends to help you “clip” the knot in style.

9. Personalized Tote Bags

Personalized tote bags are one of the bridesmaid proposal gifts that blend practicality and sentimentality. They offer a thoughtful and useful gift that your bridesmaids can use in the lead-up to your wedding and beyond.
Choose quality tote bags that are sturdy and stylish. Make them unique by adding your bridesmaids' names, a fun quote, or a design that ties into your wedding theme. Consider the colors and styles that would best suit each bridesmaid's personality.
You can fill these tote bags with small gifts, like a bridal magazine, skincare products, or a bottle of wine. Each tote bag can include a small card inside that lovingly asks them to stand by your side on your wedding day.

10. Bridesmaid Proposal Cookies

Sweeten the proposal with custom-made bridesmaid proposal cookies. The yummy treat isn't only delicious but also a creative and charming way to pop the question to your friends.
Work with a baker to create cookies that are both tasty and beautifully decorated. These could be shaped as wedding dresses, rings, or simply elegant hearts with the words “Will you be my bridesmaid?” iced on them.
The cookies can be in your wedding colors or classic bridal pastels. Package them in pretty boxes or clear bags tied with a ribbon, and attach a small card or note that complements this sweet proposal. This edible proposal is a delightful surprise for all your friends with a sweet tooth.

11. Gift Boxes

So, what to put in a bridesmaid proposal gift box? You can do a little bit of everything we've mentioned above.
After a fun night out for your bachelorette party, eye patches and a gorgeous claw clip and tote bag will be staple items to have on hand as you and your girls run around crossing items off your wedding’s to-do list. These dainty friendship bracelets can be worn on the wedding day and long after, serving as a sweet reminder of your friendship.
On the wedding morning, your girls will be so thankful to have comfy slippers on while getting prepped with hair and makeup. Saving the best for last, no wedding would be complete without a beautiful set of wine glasses and - of course - a bottle of Fleur de Mer Rosé to make a final toast to your girls who will have faithfully gotten you ready for the aisle, and to you, the bride of the hour!
Pro Tip: Set a date and time that works for your girls and give them a head’s up on the dress code. Once you’ve got a date in your calendars, it’s time to work on the details!
Rejuvenating Eye Patches + Collagen
Emi Jay
Big Effing Clip in Sweet Lavender
Wine Tote
Miss Selfridge
Double Strap Slipper in Lilac
Waterfall Coupe Glasses
Fleur de Mer
Fleur De Mer Rosé

Host Your Proposal

In order to elevate the moment, consider decorating your space with florals and bridal-themed décor. With your tablescape being the main focal point, you’ll want to dedicate extra time and attention to the details.
Adding candles, floral centerpieces, name cards, elegant dinnerware, and unique stemware is the perfect way to level up the experience beyond a normal brunch or dinner. If you and your partner have already decided on your wedding colors, this would be a great time to subtly incorporate those colors into your décor to really set the mood for your upcoming wedding.
If you’re hosting the event at home or having a picnic outdoors, your menu will be just as important as the dishes you’ve set out. Be sure to include dishes that you know your girls will love and consider splurging on something new that will be a unique reminder of the day.
Adding bridal-themed cookies and cake pops is a great addition to the dessert table or, if you want to get creative in the kitchen, you can add tasty Rosé inspired pastries to the table. If you’re stumped on what to serve, consider foods that will pair well with a glass of Fleur de Mer Rosé.
For a lighter option, a charcuterie board, adorned with an array of mouthwatering delights that go far beyond the typical cheese and cured meats, accompanied by a selection of ripe fruits can add a burst of flavors to the savory Rosé. If you’re looking for a more elegant and sophisticated option, delicate sushi rolls with fresh fish, vibrant vegetables, and perfectly seasoned rice can take center stage to delight even the most discerning palates. 

Make a Toast 

Toasting to your friends and family is always a great way to get the party started! No matter where you choose to host your event, it’s important that you take the time to honor the special people in your life who you’ve brought together on this day. No matter where your event is taking place or who your guests are, Fleur de Mer Rosé is the perfect choice to add to this moment.
Even among your loved ones, it can be difficult to find the right words to say during such an important life event – but it doesn’t have to be. Begin your toast by thanking everyone who has taken the time to show up before saying something special about each future bridesmaid, or talking about larger memories the group has had together.
Share a few words about your wedding dreams and how your girls fit into that picture. There is no right or wrong way to share your love and adoration so speak from the heart and your toast will be a success. 
Creating classy and unforgettable bridesmaid proposals is a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation for the special friends and family members in your life. From personalized gifts to heartfelt words of appreciation, there are endless possibilities to make this moment unique and cherished.
By putting effort into creating a memorable bridesmaid proposal paired with thoughtful gifts and cards, you will surely tone for the exciting journey ahead and build a strong foundation of love and support for your wedding party. So go ahead and make this moment one for the books as you and your bridesmaids begin your journey to the aisle!
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