7 Habits of Super Happy Couples

You know those envy-inducing couples who seem to be in a perpetual honeymoon phase? Well, believe it or not, any twosome can have those forever butterflies by following a couple of crucial relationship rules! Read on for seven habits of the happiest couples, then put them into practice to boost your bond. Fly Fishing Engagement Session, happy couple habits

1They put each other first.

They don’t just say their partners are their number one priorities. They actually practice what they preach! That means standing up for each other, making their relationship the most important part of their lives, and making sacrifices as needed.

2They don’t nitpick.

Happy couples know when to let something go – whether it’s a joke that’s gone too far, something that happened in the past, or anger that’s a bit misguided. They put whatever it is in perspective instead of blowing the situation out of proportion.

3They’re each other’s cheerleaders.

These couples never stop encouraging each other, bragging about each other, and lifting each other up. They thrive knowing that they always have someone to champion them even when things go wrong.

4They don’t gossip about each other.

Rather than airing their relationships’ dirty laundry, happy couples know where the boundaries are. They go to each other with their grievances, and they don’t badmouth each other to (or in front of) their friends.

5They nurture their interests.

Happy couples often have hobbies and passions outside of their relationships, allowing them to thrive as individuals and find fulfillment in other areas of their lives.

6They manage their emotional expectations.

Instead of assuming that their partners can read their minds or should be able to anticipate their every need, happy couples realize that their partners are mere mortals. They know that one person cannot attend to their every feeling and desire and they don’t expect their partners to do so

7They make time for romance.

Happy couples realize that, as unromantic as it sounds, quality time often needs to be scheduled in order to actually make it happen. They make a conscious effort to ensure that dates, dinners, and celebrations make it on to the calendar, no matter how crowded.

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