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With Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving quickly approaching, we know that everyone is trying to figure out the perfect fall adult beverages to serve. Let's be honest...some of us need a good cocktail just to get us through the holidays. And who isn't thankful for spiked drinks and an amazing squad?!
We reached out to ThirstyNest for some fall cocktails recipes they're loving right now and we can't wait to try them all!
Scroll down to check these fall cocktail recipes out. Cheers!
This drinks takes five minutes to make and is absolutely delicious on a fall cool evening. 
What more could you want than an Apple pie? An alcoholic drink that tastes like one!
These campfire cocktails will be sure to be the hit of your Friendsgiving event. Be sure to make triple the recipe for your thirsty friends. 
If you want to make something a little more traditional this cranberry gin and tonic is a must have. 
This refreshing drink is a fun twist on your classic margarita and we promise it tastes just as good. 
If you're looking for something with a little more punch, don't hesitate to whip this recipe out stat. We adore the mix of pear and cinnamon that tastes like heaven. 
Wine lovers, we found the answer you've been looking for. This autumn sangria will pair perfectly with everything on your friends-giving table, from the stuffing to the turkey. 
For something a little stronger, this rum punch will be sure to do the trick!
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