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Many of you may have already heard the term “lab grown diamonds” circulating around your social circle in recent years, but what exactly are they and how much do they really differ from mined diamonds grown naturally deep inside the Earth’s mantle?
Lab grown diamonds are in fact 100% real diamonds made of pure carbon and have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties of a natural diamond. They undergo the same GIA International Diamond Grading System™ and are further evaluated with the same 4C scale like any other diamond. 
The chief differences stem from how they are created and how they are collected/distributed. Although the process of developing them is mimicked from nature to the lab, instead of taking billions of years to form naturally, it only takes a few weeks to grow one of these sparklers in a lab. 

How Natural Diamonds Form

When a mined diamond grows in nature, the process creates a unique one of a kind diamond with varying levels of flaws and impurities; this is due to the uncontrollable circumstances of nature that differ on marginal levels. Whereas, synthetic diamonds are molecularly identical because they are grown in exact circumstances until they are cut and polished. Therefore, being grown in a controlled setting makes every lab grown diamond in the best circumstances, to be as flawless as technologically possible. 
Technically speaking, diamonds are modified graphite, a crystalline carbon, which undergoes extreme heat and pressure that occurs in the Earth’s mantle. Through millions of years, the graphite eventually changes on the atomic level and its crystallized form slowly shifts into a diamond. 
If that’s not enough science for you, volcanic pipes then carry these valuable minerals deep within the mantle all the way up to the Earth’s crust. These aren’t just any old volcanic pipes though, they are deeper and less common pipes otherwise known as kimberlite pipes.
Although the original charm of earth mined diamonds lies in their unique characteristics and their vast age, real diamonds can be up to 30% more than value lab grown diamonds of equal to higher quality, even though there is virtually no distinction between the two. Between labor costs and expenses for mining natural diamonds, the difference lies purely in aesthetics.

How Synthetic Diamonds Are Grown

Although there a few techniques to synthesize diamonds, the most standard known process for lab created diamonds is called Chemical Vapor Deposition and involves taking a very thin sliver of a diamond, considered the diamond seed, made up of pure carbon (where the crystalline structure has already formed), place it in a device that acts as a pressurized vacuum where more carbon molecules attach themselves to the seed until it is fully developed and ready to be cut and polished. This process typically takes 10 weeks and develops a pure carbon diamond.

More Sustainable with Zero Conflict

As more Millennials and their successors gain traction in society, we’re seeing a shift to a more eco-conscious and sustainable planet. As these new generations grow up and get married, a lot are questioning whether it’s actually worth getting natural diamonds—especially for engagement rings and wedding bands—since they come at a high price. 
That price is more than just the monetary value. We’re talking about serious ethical and environmental ramifications that disrupt the balance of society as well as our planet’s delicate ecosystem. 
There are at least two popular diamond simulants on the market today: cubic zirconia and synthetic moissanite. When you opt for a lab diamond though, you're getting a pure carbon diamond, real in every way except how it was formed.
With a lab created diamond there is zero conflict and in some cases there is less of a carbon footprint to grow lab diamonds than there is to mine natural ones. Rest assured that when you buy a lab grown diamond you’re not only getting a stone that's a bit more sustainable your guaranteed that they are 100% conflict free diamonds. To top it off you're saving up to 30% when you opt for lab created diamonds.
Pro-tip: All lab created diamonds are produced and distributed with zero conflict. 

The New Neon Crisscut®

Ever since lab grown diamonds have been climbing the market, more and more diamond cutters and jewelry designers have been using them as an alternative to the more expensive natural diamond. 
One of these top diamond jewelry designers who has applied their unique cutting techniques to lab grown diamonds is the prestigious Christopher Designs located in New York. Using  their elaborate Crisscut® diamond cutting techniques alongside modern styles (from classy halos to twisted shanks), Christopher Designs has integrated lab grown diamonds into their catalog, now finally releasing the full fire out of these inherent sparklers! 
If you hadn’t known before, Christopher Designs Crisscut® innovative cutting techniques amplifies the face of the diamond, making the entire diamond appear up to 60% larger than generic cuts so that you save money while not sacrificing on size.  
They call it their Neon Crisscut® and are offering them in a variety of settings such as engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets in a variety of shapes. The name Neon found its inspiration in the new generation of consumers and their simple, modern aesthetic, giving beauty a whole new dimension of meaning. Scroll down to browse their new lab grown diamond selection! 

Neon Crisscut® Round

If you’re a natural innovator, always interested in new and exciting styles try this Neon Crisscut®. With its elegant yet elaborately twisted shank covered in a pave of smaller diamonds, leading up to a bold 1.02ctRound Diamond, this engagement ring speaks to the most dynamic of personalities. 
Some people are all about that sparkle factor, more so than others, and would rather bask in the reflections of many diamonds instead of just one. Something like this 1.24ct Neon Crisscut®  Round Diamond engagement ring surrounded, not only by a halo of smaller diamonds, but also flowing with a pave shank would definitely suffice the most sophisticated of soon to be brides. 
When it comes to indulging in the simple beauty of a wedding or anniversary band, most gravitate to the simplicity of a single pave band much like this Neon Crisscut® Round, pave shank Diamond Band which flows nicely down the intricately designed shank.
Pro-tip: Most of the Neon Crisscut® diamond rings and jewelry can be customized with 14k, 18K, Platinum, White, Rose, or Yellow gold. So whether you shop by style or shop by shape you can get that custom engagement ring you've been dreaming about!

Neon Emerald Cut

If you’ve had your eyes on that solitaire engagement ring style, but love changing things up and mixing styles together consider imagining yourself with this regal Emerald Halo Engagement Ring: a 1.20ct Neon Crisscut® Emerald surrounded by a halo of 1.71cttw round diamonds with sleek shank that keeps the look clean and simple.
Instead of celebrating with just one big stone, how about three? Resembling the vintage style of Art Deco with this 3 stone Emerald Engagement Ring you get a 1.40ct Neon Emerald with two .73cttw as well as 2.13cttw round diamonds for a sweeping embellishment. 
Some of us like the idea of eternity, especially when it comes to wedding or anniversary bands. When you apply more than a dozen 4.38cttw Neon emeralds to a band, you get more ice than shank. Check out this Emerald Eternity Band if you’re looking for a dazzling sparkler that’ll scintillate like fire in any room you walk into. 

Neon Crisscut® Pear

The popular pear cut diamond gets a modern makeover with this unique Neon Crisscut® Pear Eternity Band filled with 3.52cttw pear cut diamonds all tilted at different angles. As if wearing a laurel wreath made of diamonds, worthy enough for an artsy poetess or a muse who can’t help but inspire and invigorate new ideas in everyone they’re around! 
If you’re one of those traditionalists that are into showcasing a single diamond while also exhibiting a modern flare, this Solitaire Pear Engagement Ring featuring a 1.07ct Neon Crisscut® pear cut diamond comes with that extra pizazz that you’re longing for with 1.40cttw round cut diamonds flowing down a thin pave shank.

Neon Crisscut® Oval

Whether as an anniversary or wedding band, oval cut diamonds speak to those who are still interested in the sparkle factor of the round cut, but prefer something slightly different than your typical round diamond. This seven stone 1.82cttw Neon Crisscut®  Oval Diamond Band definitely reveals as much fire as your heart’s desire. 
With the chic shape of the oval beside two pear cut diamonds running off the sides of a clean shank you get a well balanced ring. Not too flashy, but still exquisite, this 2.13ctw Neon Crisscut® Oval Diamond Engagement Ring catches many of the hidden facets of the Neon Crisscut® .76cttw pear shaped diamonds as well as the 2.89cttw round cut diamonds as they all reflect off one another.
Many people can relate to the ovals’ ability to catch the light in a unique way similar to round cut diamonds, but altogether differently. The regal, classy look of this 1.17ct Neon Crisscut® Oval Diamond Engagement Ring, meets the slim and modern style with a halo and pave shank of 1.74cttw round cut diamonds.

Neon Crisscut® Cushion

Cushion cut diamonds exhibit that refined feel emeralds usually give off, while also maintaining that exquisite sparkle you only get from the rounder cuts. This 5 stone Cushion Band allows you to express dedication to that special someone with it’s 2.74cttw Neon Crisscut® cushion cuts while also making a stylish statement that’ll open up a whole new world of compliments.  
If 5 stones just isn’t cutting it for you, then try the Eternity Cushion Band! Filled to the brim with those delectably cut diamond cushions, you’re looking for something that’s got a unique angle and is an all around sparkler. 

Neon Crisscut® Bracelets

This slim Neon Crisscut® Oval Diamond Bracelet could be that missing addition to your oval engagement ring and wedding band. Or you can flaunt its simple yet elegant design solo, without needing anything else to add to its effective radiance.
Like the above Neon Crisscut® Oval Bracelet, this Pear Bracelet could be added, flawlessly complimenting the Pear Eternity Band as the light scintillates from one piece of fine jewelry to another. Otherwise, this bracelet could also be a stand alone piece and still make a statement worthy enough for any event or outing. 

Neon Crisscut® Pendants & Earrings 

Christopher Designs has many other designs that go well with any occasion. One of their many unique designs that boasts just as much sparkle and fire as any of their rings and bracelets are their floral pendants and earrings. Each of these comes with five beautiful Neon Crisscut® pear-shaped diamonds with their points all facing inward so as to resemble a beautiful spring flower. You can and should definitely wear these during any season as flowers are always welcome year round! 

Shop Christopher Designs for Lab Grown Diamonds

In a world where we’re constantly being faced with questionable ethics and sustainable opportunities, it’s time to embrace alternatives that help our society and our planet grow in harmony. 
Christopher Designs sees the virtue of using lab grown diamonds as not only a sustainable alternative, but one that is more affordable. As the world takes yet another bold leap into the future of innovative technology, Christopher Designs continues to remain at the forefront of innovation as they embrace lab grown diamonds as not only a popular trend, but a unique alternative.
Shop now at Christopher Designs for their brilliant Neon Crisscut® Lab Grown Diamonds. Beautiful cut diamonds that cannot be denied!
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