How To Take Good Care of Your Engagement Ring

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Now that you have the perfect ring to signify your love and commitment, it's important to make sure you take good care of it. Taking good care of your engagement ring can preserve its beauty and increase its longevity. In this post, we will discuss the best practices for taking care of your engagement ring so that you can properly preserve the sparkle of your beautiful symbol of love. 

Get it fit properly

The most common reason people lose their rings? They just don't fit! That's why it's so important to have a jeweler fit your ring to your finger right away. You may be reluctant to part with your pretty new accessory right after you get engaged (gotta show off that bling!), but you're better off having a snug fit sooner rather than later. Snap an engagement ring selfie to tied you over until the ring returns. And remember: fitting isn't a one-time thing! If your ring gets too tight or too loose, you can go back to your jeweler and have it resized it again as needed. 

Buy ring dishes

As soon as your partner puts a ring on it, invest in some pretty ring dishes, boxes, jars — whatever fits your personal style. And buy them in multiples. You're going to want to put one in every room of the house just in case you want to take your ring off right then and there. That means the laundry room, the kitchen, the bedroom, even the bathroom. If you give yourself somewhere specific to put your sparkler, you'll get in the habit of leaving it in that spot. Then, before you freak out that you've misplaced your ring, you'll know where to look. 

Invest in ring insurance

We get it; ring insurance seems like an unnecessary expense, especially with a big (possibly pricey) wedding on the horizon. But trust us, it's worth every penny. The annual cost of insurance is 1 to 2 percent of what it costs to replace your ring, which end up being just a fraction of what it costs to buy a brand new one! Ring insurers will replace your sparkler if it's lost or stolen, which should definitely give you peace of mind on the off chance you bust up your bling. 

When in doubt, don't wear it

Even though your ring is gorgeous and you probably never want to take it off, there are sometimes when it's just not worth the risk. Like when you're getting your hands dirty. The last thing you want is for your ring to slip down the drain when you're cleaning up after dinner or worse, into the ocean as you're swimming during your vacation. If you're at all concerned about losing your engagement ring, take it off and keep it in a safe place. It's ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your sparkler. Invest in a portable ring box to bring with you to the gym and place a ring holder in the kitchen or bathroom so you always have somewhere to put it when it's not on your finger.

Don't take it off in public

Sure, your friends might want to try on that bad boy over brunch or as you're driving to dinner. But if the ring isn't on your finger, you're upping the chances that you'll drop it, damage it or lose it. Resist the temptation to swap rings or let them take a closer look until you're in a safe place (like your home). 

Leave it at home when traveling. 

If you and your partner are traveling, you might want to make your life easier by leaving your rock at home. Some people's hands swell when they're on a plane, others don't like to sleep with their bling. Either way you're bound to take off your ring at some point which means you're opening yourself up to misplacing it (or having it stolen right from under you). Losing your ring while abroad or in another state is a headache you just don't need. If you really want to wear something to show you're engaged to your beloved, buy something less expensive and less meaningful to wear as you go on all your fun adventures. 
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