So, What's the Secret to Finding "The Dress"?

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Finding the dress isn't always as easy as it looks on television.... Choosing the cut that's right for your body type, balancing multiple opinions, finding a gown that's distinctly "you," and staying within the budget are all major hurdles you'll have to tackle on the way to finding the right fit. So, how should you begin the process? We spoke with bridal designer Rebecca Schoneveld and the experts at Mon Amie Bridal Salon to get their best advice on finding a dress for the big day.
1. Listen to your instincts. 
"Finding your perfect gown is really about listening to your instincts," says Rebecca. "Consider going to one or two shops by yourself first, just so you can hear your own instinctual reactions loud and clear without being influenced by any loved one's voices (even if you want them to vote on the final round of favorites!)"
 2. The process isn't always logical. 
"I often tell brides who are stuck between choices that whichever one keeps coming back to them when trying to fall asleep at night is probably the best one!" says Rebecca.
3. Bring people whose input you truly value. 
"While it is fun to shop with all your family and friends, all of their advice and opinions can confuse or sway you from making a decision," says Mon Amie. 
4. Once you have found the dress, stop shopping. 
Mon Amie Bridal Salon suggests you buy your gown and don't second guess yourself afterwards. 
5. Be open to what your stylist might suggest. 
"Our stylists work with brides of all shapes and sizes so they understand how the gowns will fall on your body," says Mon Amie. "They might just find you the perfect gown you didn't even realize you wanted." 
6. Choose something you're comfortable in. 
Rebecca says, "The best dress for you is one that you are going to be comfortable in. That means feeling like your (most gorgeous) self, and also it means picking a silhouette that is the most flattering for your body and doesn't cause you to fidget all night. This may mean forgoing a backless gown if you are blessed with a large chest (there are lots of other sexy and fun back details that can still be supportive!) or choosing one with straps if you tend to worry about things falling out."
7. Consider the most likely weather for your wedding day and choose fabrics wisely. 
"Synthetic fabrics are more affordable but much less breathable than silks and cotton," says Rebecca. "If you're getting married somewhere hot and humid, finding a gown with fewer layers is a good idea!" 
8. Don't be afraid to try something different if you really just love it! 
"These days you can play in so many great ways - adding a layer of color in your gown, doing separate pieces that you can mix and match throughout the night, going short with some amazing heels," suggests Rebecca. 
9. Relax! 
Mon Amie Bridal Salon says, "We know that wedding planning can be a stressful time but it should also be enjoyable. We want our brides to trust that we are looking out for them and only want what is best." 
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Kellee Khalil is the Founder & CEO of Loverly. She lives in upstate NY with her fiancé and two dogs.