Dream Home Wishlist for Living Together in Harmony

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Even the strongest, most loving unions can suffer from the scourge of irritating personal traits. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks to help you keep your relationship healthier at home. After all, it’s hard to fight when you’re both able to pamper yourselves in the bathroom, or whip up a gastronomic feast without getting in each other’s way. And when there’s space to be together or alone when you’re both at home, you’re less likely to bicker. See which of these ideas you can weave into your own home, and long may peace reign. 
In the Kitchen Soft-closing, well-organized drawers.
For the heavy-handed cook, soft-closing mechanisms on doors and drawers are a godsend. They prevent jarring door slams (some ears are more sensitive to these sounds than others), improve the drawers’ longevity and can be retrofitted on any door. Inside the drawers, dividers ranging from plate holders to spice racks can minimize clutter and make it clear where everything belongs. Sighs of annoyance when you’re searching for an item your partner put back in the wrong place could become a thing of the past.
Countertops built for two.
Having to stoop when working on meal prep or cleanup is no fun for the taller members of the family (nor is having to stand on your tiptoes). Practicality for both partners is key in a harmonious home, especially if one partner doesn’t want to be doing all the cooking or cleaning. 
Don’t forget the garbage.
No matter who takes the trash out, installing a garbage cabinet next to the sink rather than under it takes the juggle out of cleanup. No more having to step out of the way for people needing access to the bin.
In the Bathroom Two sinks and a generous mirror.
A double vanity creates individual zones for each of you and increases efficiency on busy mornings. A generous mirror with plenty of built-in storage means there’s ample space for both partners’ products and plenty of room to primp and preen for as long as either of you needs. 
 Bathroom Mirrors in All Sizes Dual showers.
Double sinks have become de rigueur, and the shower is heading in the same direction. If you don’t have space for a double shower, consider a system that combines a shower head and a hand shower. Those not washing their hair can set the hand shower at a height to suit them, keeping their hair dry, while hair washers can switch to the shower head for an all-over drenching.
A soak for two.
After a hard day at work or play, having a nice, long soak is a fine way to unwind. If sharing the experience with your partner is an option, it can be an easy way to reconnect ahead of the weekend. Make sure the bath has no faucets at either end and fill it until it’s luxuriously deep. Bliss.
Separate toilet with quiet-close lid.
Having a specific zone for the wet area and a separate space for the toilet means showers and baths needn’t be interrupted by someone else’s call of nature. The toilet is used more than any other fixture in the house, so it’s worth investing in the latest model — and these days, they boast slam-free lids.
In the Bedroom Equality rules.
When one person has more storage or a bigger say in the decor choices of the shared bedroom, problems can arise. Do whatever it takes to incorporate both partners’ tastes and needs in your sleeping quarters, as a symbol of your commitment to each other’s happiness.
Together but Separate
Respecting boundaries and acknowledging your partner’s need for space can be a winning recipe at home. If your other half is easier to be around with a dose of alone time, why not encourage it? Whether you call it a man cave or a she shed — or just a solo hanging chair in the garden – dedicated individual spaces grant both people permission to have some breathing room when they need it. 
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