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You are a couple excited for a new shared life in a new shared home. Even if you've already been living together, or are not physically moving into a new space, comfort is king, and marriage is the time to indulge in your desires for the dreamiest home life. You want gadgets for efficiency and plush pleasures for a luxurious style and feel. You want to feel good being in your home together post wedding, no matter what that looks like. 
Weddings change things in so many ways, and if you're getting married post pandemic, you may also be signing up for newlywed home and office vibes for two. The wedding registry is your chance to outfit your house the way that works for you as the comfort seeking couple you are. Consider your sleep style and your bath time delights. Think about the design of your home and your dream home decor. 
Just how committed to comfort are you two? Check The Basics for the standard essentials every home should have, The Splurge for elevated nice-to-haves, and The Overachiever for ultra comfort creatures status.
The Smart Home Must-Haves
If you're all about keeping the home tech in check, this wedding registry category is for you. Make your home do the work in the marriage, right? You can add gifts that help you ease into seamless home life or create the smartest home on the block. It's all up to you. But registering for high end tech at affordable prices makes for the best kinds of wedding gifts.
Are you excited for married movie nights or dancing date nights in the kitchen? Skip the electronics store, and ask your wedding guests for a bluetooth speaker and a Roku TV device. Add items like a fan to the registry if you need some extra cooling off after all that cordless dancing.
Tap the registry for Jetsons-level smart home products for the all-around digital assistance experience. The Google Home and Amazon Echo are two options for actual digital assistants, and both are excellent; consider your other owned devices' compatibility for which one is right as your house helper. The Google Nest is your temperature control companion and a worthy splurge for smart home happiness.
Going for smart home gold? An air purifier keeps you breathing in that wedded bliss, and smart lights on the wedding registry make great company with your portable bluetooth speaker. Dance parties at your place after the wedding day!
Streaming stick
Echo Show
Bluetooth Speaker
Kasa Smart
Smart LED Lightbulb
Bladeless tower fan
Air Purifier

The Must-Have Bedding Essentials
You get through the wedding to get to the bedding, eh? Let's make it as comfy cozy as can be for the newlyweds, shall we? Sleep essentials make perfect wedding registry line items, and guests love giving the gift of sweet dreams. Whether you want to get a fresh set of sheets or heat the sheets, this registry category has everything you'll need for satisfying snoozes.
Basic bed linens are as essential for married life as making up before you go to sleep. A new set of sheets and pillows on the registry will start you off. Add items like a mattress pad and comforter, and you're ready to get some side by side shuteye.
Get even deeper (sleep) with a plush mattress topper to support you, and a duvet cover or down comforter to wrap your snuggles in the loveliest feeling. Make note: down is a must for colder weather locales.
Newlywed life looks like more time in bed to you, and we're here for it. Get beyond cozy with a heated mattress pad, the level-up you never knew you needed. Your marriage is anything but a sham, but we love a sham and some throw pillows to give your bed that catalog status look and feel.
Beckham Hotel Collection
Queen Size Pillows
CGK Unlimited
Sheet Set
Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Utopia Bedding
Duvet Insert
Decorative Throw Pillow Covers
Duvet Cover

The Must-Have Bath Essentials
Rub-a-dub-dub, newly married partners in a tub. That's you! And if you like bubbly baths and cozy, bath time trimmings, you're in the right place. Add gifts for creating splashes and serene cleaning spaces. Let your friends and family gift you warmth and calm with these registry bath products.
Simple bath selects include a set of matching towels, and a bath mat. You may want to register for a shower curtain, if your shower doesn't have doors, and a soap dispenser for continuity in your chosen bathroom style.
You are one wedding closer to your very own spa situation, as long as you remember to add a robe and slipper set for each of you on the registry list. These are the small splurges that really make you feel off-the-market official. You could send your first holiday card as a couple adorned with a wedding photo–or dressed in your matching robes and slippers. Either is fair game!
Your spa status will be supercharged with bath details like fancy jars for cotton balls, or a tub tray for properly enjoying bath time. Pro tip: register for a towel warmer, your cozy hearts won't regret it! 
Royal Craft Wood
Bath Tub Tray
French Connection
Bathroom Rugs
Striped Shower Curtain
Cotton Paradise
Turkish Towel Set
Barefoot Dreams
Adult Robe
Glass Soap and Lotion Dispensers

The Must-Have Home Decor
There is comfort in considering the details. There are always the little things that make married home life that much sweeter, like the way home smells or the images in your eye line. There is lighting and spatial awareness that breathe energetic life into your shared space. Think about the comforting things you need to see and smell to feel at home, and create a place in the registry for both of your dreamscapes to take shape.
Candles and diffusers help you define your home's signature scent. Register for items you know you love or ones you want to test together. You typically know what styles of home and furniture you're moving into or moving towards. Let that inspire decor like picture frames, and add those to the registry, too.
Add pieces to adorn the walls and add dimension to whichever rooms you choose. A floor length mirror is always a great statement piece to have, not to mention one that comes in handy when you're posing for us-ies to post.
If you feel like the basics are covered, and you want to have a little more fun with your registry list, add show stoppers like a floor lamp or an artificial plant. They're way easier to care for than the real kind, and lasting like your marriage will be. An area rug can seem intimidating, but you can absolutely register for one if you find the right fit.
Capri Blue
Volcano Candle
Loloi II
Layla Area Rug
Full Length Mirror
Globe Electric
Bronze Floor Lamp
Artificial Olive Tree
Framed Canvases

The Must-Have Home Chore Essentials
After the wedding day, you are partners in life and in chores, forever. Make the to dos of home life a little bit easier to navigate with some task helping tools on your wedding registry. Consider the chores you'll divide and conquer, from taking out the trash to doing the laundry. There are tons of registry gifts that get into the crevices.
Register for trash receptacles for every appropriate room; one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom should basically do. A simple laundry basket is a great newlywed item for the list, too. You can each get rid of anything overused in your pre-married homes and start fresh.
Level up your laundry game from basket to hamper, and add a drying rack to the list for hand washed or delicates. An iron is another simple splurge that really smooths out the stress of wrinkled garments.
For pro chore completion, add an ironing board and dryer wool balls to the literal laundry list. And skip the trips to the real professionals with your very own clothing steamer. 
Laundry Basket
Handheld Steamer
Foldable Clothes Drying Rack
Dual Compartment Step Trash Can
PurSteam World's Best Steamers
Steam Iron
Ironing Board

The Must-Have Work From Home Setup
If you're living and working under the same roof, you're going to want to get the perfect pieces to equip your love nest office space. Okay, so it's not the ideal honeymoon phase environment, but you can make it work, and an online registry is a great place to clock in.
One or both of you may want a calendar for your workspace--or for sharing in the break room, aka kitchen. This sleep, acrylic wall calendar is perfect for managing schedules or even distributing the chore list. A desk lamp or two are great gift ideas for your post wedding, real life duties.
For an even more official office style setup, add a storage cabinet for files or important papers (ahem, your marriage license). A paper tray is a subtlety that gives your desk that workflow status to help separate your energy between work and play modes in the home.
Go big or go home office. One in the same, really. Bigger ticket items like a desk and a desk chair are reasonable additions to the wedding registry, especially these days. It's a great head start in married life to put some essential furniture on your list.
Acrylic Calendar
Fabric Desk Chair
SHW Memory
Standing Desk
Dimmable Desk Lamp
Simple Houseware
Desk Monitor Stand Riser
Desk Mat

There's a lot to cover when you're talking about collective comfort. Wedding registries can be fun, but also a bit daunting. Do your best to lean into what makes you feel at home, and try to compromise when it comes to shared spaces and differing opinions. Thankfully you have a lot in common. This gift list will guide you toward your ideal coupled coziness.

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