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3 Easy Ways To Change Your Last Name After Saying "I Do

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First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes waiting in line, being placed on hold, and, eventually (after a considerable struggle), getting your name changed. That’s how the old saying goes, right? No? Well, excuse us, we still have hold music ringing in our ears.
If you’re a new bride or groom, the name change process can be daunting. Where do you start? Who do you call? Where do you go? Changing your name on your marriage certificate is super simple, but it-doesn’t magically update the countless places your old name appears. There are trips to the DMV, calls to the Social Security Office, and updating your bank accounts, credit cards, health insurance, and countless more.

The Old School Way

On average, name-changers spend 13 hours playing the name change game. That’s 13 hours of calling, waiting on hold, waiting in line, taking deep breaths, trying to hold it together, looking calm but unraveling inside. Imagine what better things you could do with those 13 hours. You could fly to Paris and back. You could binge-watch all of Stranger Things on Netflix and then some.
The point is, the name-changing process is totally draining and time-consuming. It’s confusing and seemingly never-ending. We searched high and low to uncover the best name-changing service that fills out the forms for you and makes sure they’re sent to the right places. It takes about three minutes to get started, which means, by our calculation, you will have an extra 12 hours and 57 minutes on your hands to do whatever you want.

Name Change Made Easy

In a super simple three-step process, you’ll save yourself the trip back in time to 1995 to fax a billion forms and, uh, also learn how to use a fax machine in 2018. Start by creating a free account on the website and providing some crucial deets. Add all your basic details like your name, address, and wedding date, but nothing too sensitive that you’d rather fill in yourself.
Select the level of help you think you'll need with these 3 super convenient packages:

A DIY package.

Have a printer? Know someone who does? With the DIY package you can simply print the pre-filled forms yourself. Fill them in and drop them in the mail. We recommend this package for anybody who is REALLY good and reading the fine print, feels comfortable filling out state forms, and generally pays attention to detail.
The DIY Name Change package is only $29.00.

A personal assistant.

Not quite your maid-of-honor (but close), but you’ll be treated to pre-filled forms, mailed for you with no printing required, and they even add tabs indicating where to sign. This also includes pre-addressed envelopes that make the process super easy, so you can relax.
This package costs $69.00,

Extra service.

Get the luxury package! This package includes everything that the full-service package includes, but even better.  Unlock your own name change concierge and get a new  passport photo as a benefit. You’ll definetly be needing that for your honeymoon.
The Extra Service package is the most premium of all and costs $89.00.
And, if you still need convincing, take a look at these shining, stress-free faces of newlyweds who claimed their names with HitchSwitch. With a streamlined process and pre-filled forms, the name-change game has never been easier.
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