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You're an assertive go-getter who doesn't like to feel restricted by rules. Your independent streak means you'll plan a wedding that's true to who you are—but be careful that your impulsive nature doesn't get in the way of sticking to your budget. 


Known for having impeccable taste, your wedding will be a fine affair without feeling stuffy. Your stubborn nature, however, might run you into trouble with your partner when you can't see eye-to-eye on a certain vendor or décor detail. Remember that it's all about compromise. 


On the one hand, you're super go-with-the-flow. On the other, you can be a bit inconsistent—you might dive head-first into planning one day and then be kinda meh about it the next. Setting a schedule for yourself to complete weekly tasks will help you stay on track. 


You sometimes have a hard time letting go, which means that if you can't use the venue you had your heart set on, or you love a dress that's outside your budget, you could let it put a damper on your planning process. Tap into your imaginative side to discover new possibilities. 


Creative and enthusiastic, you'll be down to tackle all those DIYs with gusto. But try to keep your bossy nature in check, especially when your girls (or your fiancé) are helping you bring those projects to life. 


A bit of a perfectionist, you can sometimes worry too much over the little details. Give yourself a break so you can really enjoy the planning process without overthinking every decision you make. 


Always weighing your options, you might find that it's super difficult to make wedding plans, since it's in your nature to be indecisive. If you're really struggling, try making a pro-con list, or just flip a coin. 


Passionate and determined, you know what kind of wedding you want and you'll do whatever it takes to make your vision a reality. Just be sure that you don't get totally sucked into planning and forget about the rest of your life—your obsessive nature could hold you back from ever feeling relaxed. 


Super open-minded, you've likely embraced all of your big day possibilities and won't feel set on one specific vision. However, sometimes you can be a little too optimistic: It's important to stay grounded during the planning process, too. 


You're really practical and careful with how you spend your money, which is great for staying true to your budget. But your pessimistic nature can sometimes be a burden on you, and others—try not to cloud your planning by envisioning every worst case scenario. 


Trendy and sometimes a bit unconventional, you may have a tough time getting your vendors to really understand your vision. Be patient: More than likely, they haven't had many clients as willing to buck tradition as you are and they might just need some extra hand-holding in order to really get it. 


Super sensitive and not into wedding planning solo, you might feel slighted if your partner isn't as into choosing linens or stationary or what have you as you are. Remember that it's nothing personal! 
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