8 Things That'll Convince Your Parents Your Partner Is the ONE for You

Since the day you were born, you've been the apple of your parents' eyes. They've watched you succeed, fail, walk, and run - and naturally, they're cautious of the people you choose to date. So, what qualities do your parents look for in a good match for you? Well, we've come up with 8 telltale signs that'll show your parents that your partner is a real keeper.
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1He or she loves your family.

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Even if they don't naturally get along or have much in common, it's really important for your partner to make the effort to get to know your loved ones. If your family is important to you, they should be important to your partner by default.

2He or she takes care of you when you're sick.

As the marriage vows say, "in sickness or in health," it's important that your partner is there for you when the going gets tough. From the common cold to more serious setbacks, it's important to have a partner who is there for you now and always, no matter what life throws at you.

3He or she is reliable.

The last person your parents want you to be with is a flake. The person who says they'll be somewhere and then shows up on time is the kind of person you can count on. And since marriage is about relying on one another, your parents want to see that your partner is up to the challenge.

4He or she supports your dreams.

Whether you want to be a Broadway star or a teacher at your local high school, your partner should support your passions. Watch out for someone who laughs at your aspirations or tells you something is "impossible." Being realistic about big ambitions is fine, but a real partner will work with you to make a plan, and your parents will appreciate that.

5He or she likes you for you.

Your partner should love the whole package, quirks and all. Someone who asks you to change or adopt a different persona in front of their friends and family isn't the right fit. Make sure that the person you choose loves you just the way you are.

6He or she makes you laugh.

While your partner doesn't have to be a comedian, sharing a sense of humor is an important quality in long-lasting relationships. When times get tough, a positive attitude and seeing the humor in life will carry the two of you for years to come.

7 He or she inspires you to be healthy.

It's important to have a partner who is concerned with your well being, physically and emotionally. Someone who encourages you to eat well and be active while also checking in on how you're feeling is someone who your parents can see keeping around for the long haul.

8He or she inspires you professionally.

Whether you have a job that you love or you haven't quite found your career path, your parents want to see your partner inspire you to succeed. The same way your parents coached you through school and sports, they want to know that your partner has your back in all future successes.