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Halt your bridal clothing hunt! Loverly is here to tell you about the latest and greatest in bridal fashion. Say you want a fresh outfit that turns heads on your bachelorette trip. Or need a modest but photo-worthy look for a backyard bridal shower. To save you the hassle of scrolling through TikTok for hours, we’ve compiled the need-to-know designs and details from bridal fashion week. Get inspired by the top bridal fashion trends for 2023, with clothing and accessories for every occasion and celebration related to your big day.

Flirty Suits & Separates

Pantsuits, separates, overlays - unique bridal designs making waves in 2023. These pieces are a stunning and fool-proof way to wow guests seeing as they have yet to become mainstream. In our book, that makes them perfect for a next-level wedding wardrobe!

Feminine Pantsuits

If you want to make a statement, there is no topping a bright white pantsuit. Two-piece ensembles have become increasingly popular due to alternative weddings, such as elopements and micro weddings. Our favorite is a chic pantsuit, like the Selwyn Pants and Jacket, for a trendy city hall wedding. Should you prefer a more romantic look, pair a pantsuit with traditional accessories - a veil or bridal gloves. Or opt for separates that mimic a traditional wedding dress. Catherine Deana has a stunning selection of separates you can mix and match until your heart's content.

Party ‘Fits

As brides look to invest in clothing beyond their wedding day, designers are introducing lines that cater to pre-wedding events. Namely, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. These events usually double as photo-ops, meaning a stunning ‘fit is essential. 12th Tribe recently launched a retro-inspired collection (hello, disco revival), including the Soiree White Sequin Crop Top & Pants. Whereas, Petal & Pup offers equally sleek pieces in bold shades of pink and fuchsia. Lulus remains popular among traditional brides, with their timeless selection of flowing midi dresses and separates.

Overlays & Overskirts

Dresses featuring overlays and overskirts are our favorite designs. Highly overlooked, they offer a unique two-in-one look with minimal effort. Particularly skirts, which are easy to remove - ideal for brides who want to rock a different style for the ceremony and reception. These designs often fall on the more romantic side, featuring organic floral appliques, ruffles, and other fun frills. The Ever Dress is the perfect example, a whimsical gown fitting for a chic wedding or bridal shower. As is Olivia Bottega, with her ultra-feminine overlays and skirts made of sparkling tulle.

Trendy Hemlines

The length of a skirt has a huge impact on the overall style of a dress - chic, sophisticated, and edgy. On the 2023 bridal fashion week runway, designers showcased gowns with skirts of every length, including the highly debated high-low style.

Fun & Flirty

The majority of brides will choose a modern but sophisticated style for their wedding day. But for pre-wedding events, like the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, try out a more flirty design! Pieces like the White Pleated Taffeta Mini Dress by Net A Porter give off a chic vibe that never fails to impress. Bright white maintains a sense of tradition yet pairs perfectly with colorful accessories. Say a bold pair of heels, a chunky headband, or oversized beaded earrings.

High Low

High-low wedding dresses are as hated as they are loved. Some people prefer that this style stays in the early 2000s. Meanwhile, designers have created several pieces starring high-low skirts that will grace store racks in 2023. Popular designer Monique L’Hullier featured Provence in her Fall collection, made of colorful floral embroidered tulle. As did Amsale, Halfpenny London, Oscar de la Renta, and Galia Lahav. 


If you want a wedding dress that oozes modern elegance, a tea-length wedding dress might fit the bill. This style became popular around the mid-19th century, but the feminine charm it lends has kept it in style. Even more so today, when designers feature this classic hemline alongside simple, body-hugging designs. Such as Halfpenny Londons Kelly Dress. However, you can still find traditionally romantic silhouettes starring romantic skirts, like Selma by Fekih. A beautiful choice for a chic backyard or city hall wedding.

Colorful Hues & Embellishments

If you’re a 2023 bride then we’re challenging you to add a splash of color to your wedding wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but we guarantee that a bit of color will go a long way in personalizing your attire and creating a unique style.

Fresh Floral Patterns

Gowns covered in floral prints will never go out of style and peak in popularity during warmer months. A repetitive pattern can lend a clean look than an organic design, while bright colors are modern and refreshing. It’s a winning style for romantic outdoor ceremonies and estate weddings. This said, floral prints are popping up more and more in designs for pre-wedding events. For example the V. Chapman Vera Dress starring brilliant blue florals! The flirty hemline, bustier bodice, and ruffle details are oh-so-chic. Perfect for an engagement party or bridal shower.

Bold Appliques

An alternative to floral patterns are appliques, of any shape and size. Appliques consist of ornamental needlework and can include embellishments like beading, crystals, or pearls. The dimension, brilliant colors, and shine are romantic and whimsical. Designs like Monique L’Hullier’s Liliana  or Tueta Matoshi’s Gilded Glamour Gown increase in popularity as colorful gowns become mainstream. This style is gorgeous whether you are planning a colorful event, or desire a colorful dress that stands out against a neutral color scheme or event space.

Pastel Perfection

Pastels have our hearts! When you’re dreaming of a bridal look that is colorful yet understated, a pastel wedding dress is the way to go. You can find gowns in about every color, from chartreuse to dusty blue and lilac. In addition to gowns with a mix of pastel shades -  the more the merrier. Forest by Amsale is the perfect example; a soft pink dip-dyed ball gown starring an oversized cherry blossom design. Pastel-colored wedding dresses are also popular for engagement parties and bridal showers. Perfect for the brides who aren’t ready to commit to an all-white ensemble.

Romantic Details

Regardless of personal style, every bride wants to exude romance. Big or small, incorporating any of these designs or accessories into your ensemble will lend a charming edge to your outfit.

Ribbons & Bows

In case you thought otherwise, we can confirm that bows and ribbons aren’t going anywhere. A classically romantic detail, they appeared on the bridal runway in every shape and size. And they take many forms - fastened around the waist, pinned at the lower back, or tied at the shoulders. Pick a wedding dress with an oversized bow for a dramatic high-fashion-inspired look. Such as Topaz by Ines Di Santo, with a chic printed bow that trails to the floor! Or feature a dainty ribbon, used as a belt or hair accessory, that is subtle but oh-so-chic.

Whimsical Skirts

Nothing impacts the romance of a gown like a skirt. The bigger or the more layers there are, the more whimsical! And that’s what many brides look for. Especially those who desire a classically romantic style. This year you’ll come across dresses featuring skirts lined with ruffles, starring layers upon layers of tulle, and dramatic draping - find them all in this dreamy gown by Elie Saab! You can even romantic skirts on short and flirty designs! If you need a whimsical piece to wear at your bachelorette party, check out tiered minis like this strapless tulle dress from Lulus.

Voluminous Sleeves

As with skirts, sleeves are looking extra whimsical in 2023. Last year, puff sleeves were all the rage, and they still are. Dresses like Rebecca Vallance Genevieve Puff-Sleeve Dress still have a place in our hearts. This year, however, you will find a more versatile range of long sleeve wedding dresses. Flared sleeves, swiss-dot tulle sleeves, tiered sleeves -  each style appeared on the runway and made for an extra chic dress. Choosing a gown with unique sleeves is the perfect way to elevate any design. Especially one with a traditional silhouette or that is plain, like a slip wedding dress.

Modern Bodices

Dress bodices have evolved tremendously in recent years. Mainly by shifting from simple and romantic to intricate and sexy. Here are a few elements you can look for should you desire a modern dress or design.

Square Necklines

Don’t overlook a square neckline. Comparatively simple, the minimal design offers a chic look. Pulled from the Regency era, square necklines made a comeback due to shows like Bridgerton. Wherein the women strive to exude elegance and sophistication – a goal replicated by many a modern bride. It’s a stunning choice if you want to stray away from traditional necklines or prefer a bridal ensemble that is sexy versus romantic. Look for designs like Justin Alexander's Florien with a square neckline complemented by a timeless A-line silhouette made of lustrous Mikado fabric.


Since cottage-core rose to the top of mood boards in 2018, the world has become obsessed with corsets - we are too! A symbol of sexuality, intrigue, and femininity, it’s no surprise they made their way into bridalwear. Like Glory by Verdin Bridal New York, a corset will lend a sexy edge to any gown by accentuating your assets. It’s one way to obtain a snatched waist and support the girls, making it a popular style among large-chested brides. Make sure to try a hidden and exposed corset to see which style you prefer!

Sexy Cutouts

Some brides love gowns with cutouts, while others avoid them entirely. Cutouts go against tradition, making them all the more popular among modern brides. They often appear on the bodice, front and back, or just above the hip. These sleek geometric shapes are not only stylish, however, but lend to a light and airy fit. This makes cutout wedding dresses popular for warm-weather outdoor affairs, such as those hosted on the beach or in a garden.

Elegant Accessories

After choosing a dress or outfit, accessories are the most effective way to uplevel your look. In 2023 we’re seeing an appreciation for elegant accessories. And designs that speak to current color schemes, event themes, and aesthetics.

Bridal Gloves

There is something charming about gloves that we can’t quite put into words. They are a unique way to personalize your wedding look and there are options for every type of bride – edgy and fashion-forward or minimalist and traditional. Popular designs include plain fingerless gloves made of chiffon, which pair beautifully with simple and sophisticated gowns. And tulle gloves dotted with clusters of pearls, perfect for chic ruffled wedding dresses. For a personal touch that won’t detract from your dress, check out these Custom Embroidered Fingerless Gloves from Heirloom Bridal Company.


Pearls were big in 2022 and will continue to be in 2023. There are a million ways to incorporate this classic jewel into your bridal attire, from pearl-encrusted shoes to hair accessories, belts, and beyond. An on-trend alternative to veils, chunky pearl-adorned headbands remain one of the most popular designs, readily available online and in boutiques. Pieces like Marjeta, from the queen of hair accessories Jennifer Behr, make a statement without being over-the-top. While dainty hair bows dotted with pearls are flirty and ultra-feminine.

A Pop of Pink

Barbiecore has made its way onto the runway as vibrant bridal accessories. Bold shades of pink, namely fuchsia, help brides achieve a bright and bubbly wedding day look. The color  pops up more at spring and summer events. Such as whimsical garden bridals showers and luxe poolside soirees. You can imagine how stunning these Amyra Fuchsia Bow Kitten Mules by Loeffler Randall would look peeking out beneath the pleated skirt of a tea-length wedding dress. Or, the sight of this Sierra Pink Mini Bow Clutch alongside a sleek bridal suit for a bachelorette party.
Wedding designers had consumers in mind for their 2023 lines and collections! They have successfully created something for everyone that speaks to modern aesthetics. From bridal wear that makes a statement, like high-low wedding dresses and oversized bows. To traditional pieces starring delicate details, like romantic skirts and dainty floral appliques. Keep the top bridal fashion trends for 2023 in mind to curate a closet that you’ll be proud of (and your friends will want to steal from)!
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